The Cambridge Centre for Paediatric Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (CCPNR) - Improving life after childhood brain injury

The Cambridge Centre for Paediatric Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (CCPNR) is a community-based service offering assessment and neuropsychological rehabilitation for children with an acquired, non-progressive brain injury as a result of an accident, injury, illness or other condition. We are an innovative specialist service, the first of its kind, in the UK and provide support across the East of England and further afield.

What is paediatric neuropsychological rehabilitation?

Paediatric neuropsychological rehabilitation is concerned with the improvement of physical, cognitive, communication, emotional and social difficulties impacting upon family, school, and community participation, caused by injury to the brain.

Aims and objectives

Neuropsychological rehabilitation following childhood brain injury aims:

  • To support, as far as is possible, the child or young person to maximise their development such as maintaining and developing social relationships, participating in school, family and community life, accessing opportunities to learn and develop, receiving support as necessary to do so.
  • To minimise the emotional impact of the injury and related changes on all family members. 

What is acquired brain injury and what effects can it have in childhood?

Acquired brain injury (ABI) is injury to the brain caused by accident such as a road traffic collision or fall; or illness such as meningitis, encephalitis, brain tumour, or hypoxia. Typical effects seen in childhood acquired brain injury (ABI) include changes in thinking skills and behaviour, including academic achievement, attention, memory, and higher level thinking skills ('executive function'). Injury to the developing brain may also affect emotional and social development, which may continue or worsen as the child gets older.


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