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This page is targeted at all CPFT staff members as a central point for all Charity-related guidance, information and forms. 

Head to Toe Charity is the official NHS charity for CPFT and supports our staff to provide the very best care and treatment possible by raising funds so that you can make improvements to your service or ward. We enhance NHS funding, we don’t replace it. 

Together with our wonderful supporters, we help CPFT to provide the best possible care and treatment whilst raising public understanding and awareness of mental health and long-term physical health conditions.

There is always more to be done to help and your support can make a real difference for the 100,000 people who access our wide range of NHS services each year.

A full list of the Charity's funds and their fund advisors is available here.

Fund Advisors
If you are a fund advisor on one of the Charity's designated funds, please visit our Fund Advisors page for answers to any queries and links to all the documents and forms you might need.

Useful guidance and forms
All the policies, guides and forms relating to Head to Toe Charity - including the Charitable Funds Guide, Charity Policy, finance forms and grant forms - are available on our Useful guidance and forms page.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date with the Charity and its work via email or post, please click here.​

Help us to enhance services for your patients, service users and colleagues

The support of CPFT staff is crucial to the Charity and the difference it makes across the Trust. Here are some of the ways you can help the Charity to support CPFT and its individual services:

If you receive a donation or someone enquires about fundraising for your service or for CFPT, please direct them to the Charity. We're here to support donors and fundraisers for the Trust and the Charity, please direct them to us and we'll make sure they receive the best possible support and that the money they raise goes where they want it to within the Trust. We also want to be able to thank donors and as quickly as possible, as is appropriate for such a kind and generous gesture.

If you receive a donation, please forward it and any accompanying documents to the Charity as soon as possible so we can acknowledge it promptly. If you prefer, you can pay the donation in at your nearest cashiers office and just send the backing documents to the Charity. Please don't send any cash in the post - call us and we'll come and collect it from you.

If you have any queries, please get in touch, we're here to help.

Displaying Charity literature and materials in your area, ward or department. Contact the Charity on 01223 219708 or by email and we can supply you with leaflets, donation envelopes (coming soon!), collection tins, banners and posters. These can be for the Charity generally or for the designated fund for your service, for example, to support The Phoenix Centre, Springbank Ward or the Ely Neighbourhood Team.

Help spread the word about Head to Toe with your patients, service users, their families and carers. Let them know that they can support your service through Head to Toe. Direct them to our website - www.HeadToToeCharity.org - or give them our contact details. Follow us on social media (we're on both Twitter and Facebook) and share our posts - let your friends and family know about our events and appeals.

Consider fundraising for your service, ward or department and directly help those people you treat. There are literally hundreds of ways to raise money with Head to Toe Charity - from baking challenges to bike rides - that can suit everyone. Fundraising events are also a great way to bring everyone together to reach a common goal. If you'd like to organise a fundraising challenge or take part in an organised event, like the Cambridge Half Marathon, contact the Charity and we can support you with guidance, support and fundraising materials to make your event a success.

Let the Charity know how we can help! We always like to hear from staff, especially about the ways you think the Charity can improve your service or CPFT services as a whole. We have a number of staff giving direct input in how charitable funds are used, these are our fund advisors for designated funds, but we also want to hear if you have an idea or thought about how we can help. 

Apply to the Charity for funding

If you have a project that is suitable for charitable funding then please don't hesitate to contact us or our fund advisors in your area to see if we can help. Full details on how to apply for and access funding are in the Charitable Funds Guide, or you can have a look at our Accessing charitable funding page.

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