Ormiston Jail and Bail Charity Event

The Chief Executive of CPFT, Dr Attila Vegh, will be arrested on 26 March for the crime of shameless self-promotion on the Trust’s intranet - all in the name of charity!

Donate now to keep him under lock and key!


Ormiston Jail and Bail Charity Event
Ormiston Jail and Bail Charity Event
01 March 2013

When informed of the charges Dr Vegh argued in his defence: "I thought everyone would be happy to see the smiling face of their CEO every time they turned on their computer. I am truly shocked by this charge and intend to take this to the highest court in the county. Unless my fund-raising target is met, then I will regretfully reduce the number of photos and videos of myself on the CPFT intranet - despite this making the site a much less interesting place to visit."

During the special "Jail and Bail" event, Dr Vegh will be taken into custody by special constables while attending a breakfast hosted by Penny Walkinshaw, High Sheriff of Cambridge, at which several other high-profile local figures will also be apprehended for various "offences". The suspects will then be taken to Cambridge Crown Court to be sentenced by Judge Gareth Hawkesworth; then taken to an undisclosed location until they have raised sufficient funds for the Ormiston Children and Families Trust to secure bail.

However, in the case of Dr Vegh, staff at CPFT have requested that their donations be put towards keeping him in jail for an indefinite period to give his over-worked staff a break from his relentless leadership.

If you would like to help CPFT staff keep their chief executive in the clink for a day, and help to raise money for an extremely worthwhile cause, please visit Attila Vegh's Just Giving site

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Ormiston Children & Families Trust is the leading charity for children and young people in the East of England. We provide services to support children and young people from disadvantaged communities who face the very real dangers of social exclusion. Working across six counties and with over 40 projects, Ormiston raises funds for “unpopular” causes. Using vital knowledge about social issues at a grass roots level, we harness the expertise of our professionals to create change where it is really needed. We also run a number of children’s centres across East Anglia.


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