Council of Governors' meetings are open to the public and anyone can attend. Meeting papers can be found here. For more information about the meetings, please contact Lauren MacIntyre, Trust Secretary, at

  • 12 April 2017: 17.30-20.00, The Fleet, Fletton, Peterborough

  • 28 June 2017: 17.30- 20.00, Conference Hall, Ida Darwin, Fulbourn, Cambridge

  • 13 September 2017: 17.30-20.00, venue TBC

  • 13 December 2017: 17.30-20.00, Conference Hall, Ida Darwin, Fulbourn, Cambridge

  • 25 April 2018: 17.30 – 20.00, The Fleet, Fletton, Peterborough

Our Governors

Public - Cambridgeshire


Bernie Gold

During this, my final term as Public Governor in CPFT for Cambridgeshire, I wish to further promote the Trust by improving public awareness of the steps being taken to unify provision of mental and physical health wellbeing.  Despite cuts, our Trust is constantly improving how it works with partners in the Voluntary Sector, Local Government, General Practices, Acute Hospitals and, most importantly, with patients and their families. 

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough patients will be supported more at home in the community by the Trust and its partners.  I will encourage Trust medical professionals from the four clinical directorates to give talks to the public so that we all better understand how to manage our illnesses and reduce worry.  I would like to see the services for adults and children evolve so that patients and carers are in no doubt of where to call for advice whatever time of the day.

Contact Bernie


Margaret Johnson

I bring to the Council of Governors a wide range of skills and experiences that I have gained over years in the Civil Service and latterly in education. I was my father’s primary carer, looking after his physical, social and financial wellbeing thus having first-hand experience of patient needs. I communicate readily with people generally, medics and patients alike, appreciating various points of view. I am interested in the equitable management of the NHS Trust and I believe that mental wellbeing should be an important aspect. People less able to represent themselves must have a voice. I am keen that carer’s concerns should not be overlooked, that the elderly should be given adequate consideration whilst remembering mental and physical illness strikes all ages indiscriminately. 
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Eric Revell

I was Head of Personnel in the university sector before I retired and became a hospital’s Non Executive Director for ten years. I then became a Governor for another ten years at a large teaching hospital. During this time I spent a long time caring at home for my wife who suffered from Dementia, and experienced the good work that the staff were performing despite funding issues. I believe health provision is a right afforded to all people.
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John Cranston

I am an accountant. My career has been mainly in internal auditing, risk management, some internal fraud and over the last five years procurement within the NHS – arms length body and higher education. I also belong to an audit committee in London. I serve the local community as a parish councillor, school governor and rotary. I have lived in Cambridgeshire since 1973. I consider that I can contribute to the Trust with my financial skills and knowledge of community service.
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Mike Collier

Following my recent re-election as Governor, I hope to continue using the skills, knowledge and understanding I have acquired during my working and family life to: Speak up for residents and carers, Question Trust Directors on Board reports and policies, on behalf of residents and carers, Contribute to the local NHS Sustainability and Transformation Agenda, raising questions and issues on behalf of residents, Share points of interest that arise from meetings to other Governors and Trust partners in the community that support ill residents and carers, Contribute to improving "things" for carers, especially carers of residents with mental illnesses, Contribute to improving the process of transition into treatment services, and out of treatment back into the community, with a special focus on mental illness like Personality Disorder.

Contact Mike

Charlotte Paddison Charlotte Paddison

I'm passionate about good quality mental health and social care services and I would like to use the skills and experience I have to benefit the people in my local communities (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough). My decision to stand for governor is motivated by my experience as a carer for an adult with severe mental illness, and of being responsible for an older person with complex social care needs.

I would like to see strong provision of joined-up care for our local community, through better service integration. Timely access to services, a focus on prevention as well as recovery, and services that support young people (and their families) - including perinatal services - are all part of the vision that I will work to support.

I am currently a Health Psychologist and Senior Lecturer at Anglian Ruskin University; previous to this I spent eight years working at the University of Cambridge (five years as a senior researcher on studies to improve patient experience in primary care). I have lived in central Cambridge for the last 9 years. 
Contact Charlotte


Public: Peterborough


Ian Arnott

My interest in mental health comes from my own experience of having suffered from long-lasting severe depression and anxiety a few years ago. I had extensive contact with the Trust as a patient, eventually recovering only after a course of ECT. Since then I have been completely well. I am also aware of the effects of mental illness on families as my brother has bipolar disorder. I have lived in Peterborough for 28 years and am semi-retired. Since being elected as a governor in 2008 I have tried to be as active as possible, including serving on the patient experience group and helping with service user events locally. I am a volunteer with the mental health chaplaincy team at The Cavell Centre. I would like to see the Trust provide the best possible care and treatment for people in Peterborough with mental health difficulties, and this is my principal aim as a governor.
Contact Ian


Chris York

I am a businessman and political activist who cares passionately about the NHS and the work of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust. As a Governor, I see it as my role to ensure the Trust continues to provide the very best services for patients - and continues to treat everyone who accesses those services with fairness, respect and equality. Mental health services are especially close to my heart because a couple of members of my family have required help and I also have lived experience of mental health issues. I have lived in Peterborough for nearly 20 years and, as the city continues to be one of the fastest growing in the country, I believe it is vital to champion health issues and play my part in helping to shape service provision.
Contact Chris


Drury Thompson

I originally approached the Cavell Hospital to train as a talking therapist, and they suggested that I should apply to become a governor. With my 50 years on and off as a mental health service user, I feel my input is useful for making sure that future users have an improved experience and that their suffering is minimised.


David Over

Care before Cash.  I wish to meet people’s needs within accurate budget control but recognising that we are dealing with people with feelings. I have lived in the city for 36 years when I taught in local schools. I have been a city councillor for 17 years and have had the honour of being Mayor this year. I, therefore, have a good understanding of the needs of it’s citizens. I hope to bring two main interests to the Trust. The NHS maybe a huge organisation but people want local provision. They want a GP who is close by and in professional accommodation. Treatment can be differently done with home visits by health professions. Secondly, there is a range of treatments. I would like to concentrate upon prevention. To use resources to prevent illness and injury. Just think what a difference has been made with anti-smoking campaigns.
Contact David


Public: Rest of England


Melica Martin 

I am a trainee solicitor, specialising in Mental Health Law and I am also the president of the Psychiatric Patients Protectorate (PPP). The PPP is an only very recently formed organisation which came to be set up in  consequence of a number of patients within the Mental Health Systems having expressed the view that an organisation devoted to representing their own views about the treatment  regimens  in which they are embroiled being  adequately expressed to the authorities on their behalf. 
I have in the past, also worked within the Mental Health Arena, as a Mental Health Advocate. Therefore I feel that my experiences to date could be advantageously unitised by the Trust in matters of policy overview and formulation.  My background as aforementioned leaves me well placed to be committed to ensuring that the Trust continues to provide the community with a high standard of care.
Contact Melica 


Patient: Service users, Cambridgeshire


Keith Grimwade

I will bring to the Council of Governors my experience of being a parent of a family member with mental health problems and of working at a senior level in local government as Director of Learning for Cambridgeshire County Council.  I have a special interest in family support, which has helped me and my family in so many ways.  I have used my skills as a former teacher / trainer to present with fellow carers and CPFT staff a short course for families who are caring for a loved one with an eating disorder.  I am also very interested in Recovery College East, which helps anyone who has received services from CPFT stay on their feet and move forward.  I will do all I can to secure the best possible mental health services for our area.
Contact Keith 


Kirsty Trigg

As a governor I seek to ensure the best services are delivered with the resources we have.
Whilst I seek to represent the opinion of services users, I also hope to influence and be involved in the development of greater service user involvement in the design and delivery of services.  I believe we can only develop the best services by involving the people who use them. I have experience of patient and service user representation having been an inpatient at Fulbourn and treated subsequently by CAMEO.  I also have degrees in science, and am a professional member of the British Computer Society.  As such I hope I will be able to ask insightful questions, which challenge the trust to improve and maintain excellent services. I am passionate about encouraging service users and others to use their voice to help CPFT understand how to deliver the most effective services to meet their needs. I look forward to meeting other service users to understand how best to represent their varied, individual needs.
Contact Kirsty


 Patient: Service users, Peterborough


Mark Batey

I am very passionate about the mental health service and the service it provides to users. My interest comes from 15 years of my own experiences within the service as a patient, and over the years I have experienced a range in the quality of services provided. In the last 5 years I have studied various mental health courses at university which have covered most aspects of mental health, such as reducing stigma, policy making, measuring and promoting mental health, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and management. I have tried to learn as much as possible about all aspects of the service and now my aim is to give service users a voice and to see the best possible care is provided for people with mental health difficulties.                                      Contact Mark


Patient: Carers


Elizabeth Mitchell (Lead Governor)

I am in my second term as Lead Governor for CPFT. I worked for many years in communications in the health service, social services and in medical research and now combine a range of voluntary work with freelance English teaching. I have many years experience as a community activist including campaigning with Rethink to remove the stigma of mental illness.   I stood for election as a carer governor because for many years I have been trying to help, understand and advocate for a close family member who struggles with persistent mental illness.  As a governor I will try to ensure that Trust policies reflect the needs of carers who are often vital partners in making things better for people with mental illness.  If you are a carer please contact me with your concerns and/or ideas for improvement in services.
Contact Elizabeth 




Anthony Hardy

I became a governor to represent the views of the staff at CPFT and to try to ensure that Recovery remains high on the Trust’s agenda. In my day job as a mental health nurse, I get to meet many colleagues from across the Trust. Hearing such a wide range of thoughts and opinions puts me in a very fortunate position - and I wanted to find a way to reflect their views’

As a staff governor I see it as my role to take the ideas of my colleagues, and the challenges faced by them, to my fellow governors so they can better understand the views of frontline staff. Staff within our Trust work tirelessly to ensure the care of people who receive our services and their family, friends and loved ones remains at the very heart of what we do. As you might expect from someone so involved with the Recovery College and having a lived experience of mental health challenges myself I understand the difference that recovery-focused practice can make to a person’s recovery journey and can often be the turning point that offers hope for the future.
Contact Anthony


Jane Powell

I have been a Peer Worker for three and a half years; I am currently on a career break, doing a Masters in International Social Welfare and Social Policy, due back at work in December on Mulberry 3 at Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge.
Reasons why I am able to be a good Staff Governor are: I am able to articulate the needs and wishes of the staff effectively to the Board; I have five years' experience as a Trustee/Director of Mind in Cambridgeshire which enabled me to understand a Trustee’s role in Governance and decision making. I have good negotiation skills; I worked with economic and political leaders in the Seychelles to improve their education system for children with disabilities.
I am able to adapt to different positions and environments and will meet any challenges head on.  I also understand the responsibility that being a Staff Governor entails.
Contact Jane


Sara Sampson

Sara Sampson

I have been employed by CPFT for over seven years working with the Huntingdon Intake and Treatment Team, the Psychological Wellbeing service (IAPT) and currently the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. I would like to help influence the future of the mental health services we provide in collaboration with the views of those who use and deliver these services. I believe in protecting the rights of vulnerable people in an organisation that is safe, effective and well led and ensuring that the appropriate action is taken where standards are not met. I am enthusiastic, proactive and believe in the great work that we do. I see the difference we make to people's lives and this must be what drives our Trust to be the best it can be. I am happy to be contacted to hear your views and help address any concerns. 

Contact Sara


Ruth Cloherty

Ruth Cloherty

I have a broad set of skills and experience. I have a background in nursing, marketing, psychology and research. I consider my role within CPFT to be relatively neutral as it spans across both clinical and corporate services. I am also lucky enough to meet the service usersand carers that participate in the research studies that I support. I have an ability to see how knowledge from different disciplines fits together and the potential impact of specific action. This can be useful for planning and problem solving purposes. I am passionate about enabling people through self-awareness and positive psychology. I am also committed to creating value wherever it is possible for me to do so. I am a good listener and am willing to communicate my opinion. I will do my best to serve the Trust (including the staff) and all those that it serves. 

Contact Ruth


Appointed Governors


Diana Wood

University of Cambridge

Director of Medical Education and Clinical Dean in the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
CPFT has important links with the University of Cambridge. The University Department of Psychiatry is an internationally leading centre for research, teaching and clinical practice in most areas of psychiatry and is recognised as a centre of academic excellence. Successful interaction between the two organisations will ensure that CPFT remains at the forefront in all areas of clinical practice and that service users benefit from first class evidence-based care.
Contact Diana


Laura Hunt

Laura has been a police officer for over 20 years with Cambridgeshire Constabulary and has served in many different uniform roles. Previously she was an Area Commander for Huntingdonshire. In May 2016 she was promoted to Temporary Superintendent and became Head of the Partnerships and Operational Department based at Headquarters. The issues lead, co-ordinated and progressed by this team include Citizens in Policing, Mental Health, Substance Misuse, Positive Action, Taser and PREVENT (counter terrorism).

Within the Constabulary, Laura is responsible for the Partnerships and Operational Support team, Resource Management Unit and Property Officers. She also has responsibilities for the eight-strong cadre of Force Duty Managers (FDMs).

In October 2016, Laura was substantively promoted to the rank of a Superintendent and is remaining in her current post. She is both a Public Order and Firearms Commander.




Lawrence Ashelford

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
I am Director of Strategy, Policy and Planning at Cambridge University Hospitals (Addenbrooke’s) and joined the Trust in 2004. I lead on strategy development, policy analysis and development, service planning and development, business planning, campus development, capital programming, Cambridge Biomedical Campus development, and the Annual Plan (Monitor) Planning Process.

Prior to joining Addenbrooke’s, I worked in the UK’s first integrated Primary Care Trust and Social Services Department where my role included responsibility for service planning and development, finance, HR, ICT and facilities management; and running a large operational service.
I am committed to promoting the mental health of patients with physical illnesses and the physical health of patients with mental health needs.

Contact Lawrence


Lesley Crosby

Peterborough and Stamford NHS Foundation Trust

 I felt very privileged to be asked to a an Appointed Governor at CPFT and am really looking forward to the challenges and experiences this role will bring. I  have worked in the NHS now for 30 years and I am currently the Deputy Chief Nurse at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I am  committed to ensuring that all patients receive quality care irrespective of their illness.

The area of work I have focused on in the last 7 years has been around patient experience and ensuring that we learn lessons from complaints, incidents etc. I bring a wealth of experience in this field and am looking forward to sharing this as well as learning about the excellent work CPFT does. My vision for the NHS is to ensure that patients receive seamless care and that all NHS organisations work together to ensure that patients receive the very best care all of the time. 

Contact Lesley


Wendi Ogle-Welbourn

 Peterborough City Council 

 Wendi is responsible for ensuring the needs of Peterborough residents are met, particularly those that are  most vulnerable. She ensures the right services are provided to the right people, by the right people, at  the right time, in the right place and at the right cost.  She makes sure that people are placed at the  heart of everything the People and Communities Directorate does,and that it makes sense to them.  The work of her directorate includes the commissioning and delivery of Adults, Children and Family Services; including education, community and safety, and housing services. 
Contact Wendi


Emily Gray

Voluntary Sector

I wanted to become the Appointed Governor for the voluntary sector because I firmly believe that working in partnership and excellent communication between the statutory and voluntary sectors means better services for people experiencing poor mental health. I bring to the Council of Governors my experience as the Chief Executive of a mental health charity in Peterborough, and my in-depth knowledge of the wide range of services and support provided by the voluntary sector in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. As the Chief Executive of a local charity, I have significant experience of change management, service provision, and I sit on a number of Boards and Stakeholder Groups that enable me to promote the work of the Trust.
Contact Emily




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