Council of Governors' meetings are open to the public and anyone can attend. For more information about the meetings, please contact Richard May, Trust Secretary, at

Upcoming meeting dates:

Thursday 11th April 2019, 17.30 - 20.00, Peterborough Conference & Events Venue, ABAX Stadium, London Road, PE2 8AL

Monday 24th June 2019, 17:30-20:00, Venue to be confirmed

Wednesday 11th September 2019, 15:00 - 17:30

Wednesday 11th September 2019, 17:30 - 20.00, (Annual members meeting), Venue to be confirmed

Monday 2nd December 2019, 17:30 - 20:00, Venue to be confirmed



Meet your Governors


Public - Cambridgeshire

Margaret Johnson

I will represent the public by voicing concerns of the vulnerable and unwell who are unable to speak up for themselves. I am in my third term as a governor; I am a member of the Charitable Funds Committee and the Membership Committee. I have sat on various appointment and panels. I communicate well with people generally; medics and patients alike and am able to understand various points of view. I feel that mental and social wellbeing are important aspects of care, not only for patients but for their families and carers also. I am anxious that family circumstances should be given adequate consideration, 'one size' cannot fit all; it must be remembered that mental illness affects all ages indiscriminately. I have a wide range of experience gained in the Civil Service and Education as well as 'hands-on' experience with the elderly and end of life care. I was my Father’s primary carer; responsible for his physical, mental and social needs and three years ago cared for my husband at home during his last weeks of his terminal illness, so have experience of patient /carer needs in long term acute situations. I understand the 'long haul' such as negotiating professional care problems as well as the problems of hospital discharge and setting up equipment at home (delivery of beds, oxygen etc and the return when no longer need). I am persuaded each person receiving care is an individual and must be treated accordingly. 


Adrian Howson

 For most of my career I have worked to design medical products and improve pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. As a result, I have often come into contact with the NHS and have heard second-hand how the NHS is striving to meet today’s challenges with minimal resources. Like everyone I have heard stories of waste and mistakes – and feel that in my role as a representative of the public I would like to get to know the real story. Then, as someone who has developed new products and seen at first-hand what works and what doesn’t, I feel that I could make a contribution in the implementation of new technologies, particularly in the area of the frail and elderly, an area I would like to focus on in my tenure as Public Governor. Specifically, I am hoping, during my time as Public Governor, to be able to help the frail and elderly stay safe and comfortable at home for longer; enabling these people to lead more fulfilled lives as well as preventing avoidable admissions to hospital (leading to less pressure on the hospitals and frontline services). I believe technology can help in all these areas, but it needs to be implemented with care and consideration. I believe I have the skills and know-how to ask the right questions and help elicit the most of what technology can offer.




Charlotte Paddison

I'm passionate about good quality mental health and social care services and I would like to use the skills and experience I have to benefit the people in my local communities (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough). My decision to stand for governor is motivated by my experience as a carer for an adult with severe mental illness, and of being responsible for an older person with complex social care needs. I would like to see strong provision of joined-up care for our local community, through better service integration. Timely access to services, a focus on prevention as well as recovery, and services that support young people (and their families) - including perinatal services - are all part of the vision that I will work to support. I am currently a Health Psychologist and Senior Lecturer at Anglian Ruskin University; previous to this I spent eight years working at the University of Cambridge (five years as a senior researcher on studies to improve patient experience in primary care). I have lived in central Cambridge for the last 9 years.



Jo Griffin

I became a governor after attending an event which was organised by CPFT. My daughter had recently been diagnosed with a personality disorder and she is now receiving treatment through CPFT. I often want to moan about the health services so I thought I would get involved and make a difference. 1, I want to recognise and support the role of carers. 2, To develop a method to ensure that 'early warning signs' of difficulties are addressed so that problems don't escalate. 3, To ensure that service users are treated fairly and with respect, remembering that when you are 'ill' you need extra TLC and patience



Paul McGhee

I want to help CPFT to become one of the best health service providers in the country and in Europe. I want to support the excellent clinicians, managers and staff associated with the Trust to engage with their supporters amongst the patients, carers and community to support all those suffering as a result of mental health problems. I understand, from personal experience of my close family and my friends, how utterly vital the mental health services are and how important it is for us as a community to support them. We have extraordinary talent and resources in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We need to make sure that these produce the best possible outcomes for every patient in our region and their families, which can only achieved in a collaborative way.


Clare Tevlin

Having previously worked for both Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge City Council, it is clear to me that mental health within the community is a top priority as is seeking investment in local mental health service providers. Having witnessed friends and family undergoing mental health difficulties, I understand how essential care within the community is.





Stephen Mallen

I have extensive experience and skills which will benefit mental health provision in our locality. I am able to bring national expertise, knowledge and connection into our local setting and help ensure that our area becomes one of the best areas of service provision in the UK. As a noted national campaigner for improved mental health services and education, I have more than 30 years corporate experience, deep community involvement, excellent public health and political connectivity. I have devoted the past three years, following the loss of my dear son, to researching, understanding and campaigning for reform in mental health provision.

Fiona Kerr

I have always personally and professionally championed the voice of the public, service users, carers and young carers and now wish to do this as a Governor for the Peterborough area. I want to contribute to greater public consultation and influence. I am particularly motivated to increase access for all to services, including for people who, in addition to mental illness, have disabilities, impairments, long-term conditions or complex needs. I continue to work across the health and care sector, where I have worked for over 30 years. I will bring board-level experience of being a charity Trustee, currently with Citizens Advice Peterborough, a Non-Executive Director of a Social Enterprise and being Chair of a Residents’ (Housing Association) Committee. I will combine this with the experience and skills I have developed in the charity sector, having worked my way up from a volunteer, then case worker, to being a Chief Executive. I have led advocacy and mental health charities. I have, for decades, advocated for the needs of the public, service users, carers and young carers locally and nationally and have enjoyed empowering individuals to have a voice and influence too. This experience has included being the independent Chair of NHS public consultation meetings.


Sarah Fox

As a mother of 2 children, and with elderly parents I want to ensure that all patients get the same healthcare regardless of where in the patch they live. I understand that the NHS is struggling with budget cuts and I want to be involved in shaping where the service is going in the area. As a Practice Manager for a local surgery, I believe that I bring a wealth of healthcare experience to the role. I understand how the service works currently and also understand the limitations on it. I believe that we need to work together to keep our NHS and want to play my part.




Public: Peterborough


Nazreen Bibi

On 22 March 2012 my daughter had her first seizure she is non verbal and can display behaviours which can be challenging. The treatment we received from NHS staff varied from commendable to unsatisfactory. I would like to use my experience as a parent and a registered mental health nurse to ensure that services across the NHS are able to cater for the 8 protected groups. As well as playing a small role in making a positive change within the organisational delivery of services. My key interest lies in improving quality assurance and inclusion. I would like help develop new ideas and help improve current services in a way which will improve the services overall. As a nurse I feel it's important that staff are fully involved and feel part of a process which aims to increase the patients positive experiences and ensure that the treatment on offer is of the highest standard possible. With the current strains on the NHS it is important to utilise pragmatic ideas to ensure that the
NHS continues to provide a service which is of a safe and high standard. As a registered mental health nurse currently
self employed I have previous experience of working within the NHS, this has enabled me to develop an in-depth understanding of the organisational structure, delivery of services and the added pressures of reduced resources 


Rick Harris

For the last 20 years, i have been a researcher in healthcare, working with patients and carers to understand and interpret what matters most to them about their health. Listening to experiences and needs of patients has shown me how valuable such feedback can be in developing and redesigning healthcare services. I look forward to active involvement in growing the membership of the Trust to reflect the community we serve. I also have a particular interest and determination to support and publicise the wealth of research work that is undertaken within CPFT to improve the quality of life and wider outcomes for patients and families living with Mental Health issues.


Adiolah Mberi (Interim)

I want to take general responsibility for patient care -promote high standards of patient care -make sure that NHS regulations are adhered to -Participate in the appointment of senior staff -draw up an action plan after an inspection by the Office of standards (NMC etc)I have worked as board of trustees in several organisations PACO PCR Ltd TGEC I have also worked as liaison person with: PCVS Ghana Community Zimbabwe Community Beat Chimes Congress WBN With all expertise I believe I can be your governor and will be able to share my experience. Professionally I am a Psychiatric Nurse and has post degree
in Public Health (London Metropolitan University).


Maggie Barker

Having lived experience of long term depression I have used CPFT treatment and recovery services and now also volunteer for the Chaplaincy currently taking my dog Angus regularly onto the wards at the Cavel Centre as a P.A.T. visitor to chat to patients and staff. This means that I have a current working knowledge of daily life in CPFT Peterborough and puts me in a position to hear what is important to service users and those who work so hard to provide services. I am used to spending a lot of time explaining mental health wellbeing and services to the public because in a working role my dog is one of a very few qualified Mental Health Assistance dogs in the UK. To achieve this has taken perseverance and has given me a strong desire to advocate for help to improve the lives of others with mental health conditions. I would love the chance to represent fellow members of our trust and everyone who uses the services of CPFT both on site and in the community.


Helen Blythe


Public: Rest of England


Helen Brown

I have a belief in good governance to help bring about wider inclusion and appropriate checks and balances within a commercial and competitive healthcare system. As someone familiar with the Cambridge & Peterborough 'system' and CPFT's history, but living in Essex, I feel I can contribute objectively to help CPFT's development as a broad spectrum community NHS Trust with a major role in evolving better healthcare, integrated with other support. I bring personal and professional experience and skills. Possibly the most important are optimism about change and an inclusive partnership approach to meet future population and health challenges. I've worked in academia, business and charities outside and within health and social care. I've also experienced End of Life and dementia services in other regions and locally. I was appointed as an advisor to the government regarding unpaid family carers and have received several national awards (GB Care Awards-East
for Outstanding Contribution to Social Care, Third Sector Awards for Leadership and Charity Awards for Effectiveness). I appreciate that its teamwork, engagement and empowering others that helped achieve these.
As the former Chief Exec of Carers Trust Cambridgeshire, Peterborough & Norfolk for 12 years, I've a good understanding of local and national strategies and issues relating to health and social care.


Patient: Service users, Cambridgeshire


Ashley curry

 I feel I can offer a lot of experience in regards to mental health and wellbeing of the those that use the service,using my lived
experiences and the professional expertise I have gained over the last 12 years in regards to Mental Health. 
I help to train IAPT therapists via various universities across the Uk. I have been a keynote speaker for the NHS regards mental
health talks and I also am involved with research projects via CPFT In regards to mental health. I am an advocate and volunteer for the Uk leading charity OCD action and also work closely and alongside maternal OCD , a charity for mums , who offer support and advice for those that live and care for with perinatal OCD.


Margery Abbott (Interim)

I want to get involved and to be part of making a difference, to be part of improving people's lives. From my work as a Councillor I am aware that there is a funding shortage in the NHS, and also parity between mental health and physical health has not been achieved yet. Not all service users have carers or family and I would like to speak for those people.The experiences I feel I could bring to this role include lived experience of mental health, this includes myself, members of my family and friends, I also have experience of a family member with learning difficulties. Over the years I have suffered from stigma and discrimination and have knowledge and understanding. of how it can affect a person's life. I was a councillor on Cambridge City Council for 6 years,I was the Lead Councillor for Health and Wellbeing and as part of that I was on the Council of Governors at Cambridge University Hospitals, and the Health and Wellbeing Board and also the County Health Committee.


Patient: Service users, Peterborough


Mark Prince

I wanted to become more involved with CPFT as a current service user for many years; I felt I needed to put something back into CPFT, with my experience I have gained from being in the system.  I’m very honoured to have been given the opportunity to be a Governor, representing the Peterborough Service User constituency.  I decided to become a Governor for the simple reasons of to help other service users and to make a difference in helping CPFT achieve a better future.

As a representative for service users, my aim is to bring the service user voice closer to the Trust.  I believe that all service users have a very important role to play in helping create and shape a better future for today and tomorrow and into the future.  I will help service users by being their voice, bringing ideas, thoughts and concerns to the Trust in the hope that it brings more transparency and strength to CPFT.



Patient: Service users, Rest of England


Xander Sellers

I believe passionately that service user experience provides the greatest insight on areas needing improvement. I therefore hope that in my time as a governor, more service users will find the confidence to speak out and be and be heard. For this to be a successful initiative, action must be taken on what service users have to say. This, I strive to make happen. Secondly, I believe for more education on mental health is need to break the remaining stigma, and to make society an easier place for all. And lastly, I hope to see more volunteers in the service, for not only do they provide a helping hand for the service users but also themselves in their well-being.



Patient: Carers


Keith Grimwade (Lead Governor)

I bring my experience of being a parent of a family member with mental health problems and of working at a senior level in local government as Director of Learning for Cambridgeshire County Council until my recent retirement. I have a special interest in family support, which has helped me and my family in so many ways. I have used my skills as a former teacher / trainer to present with fellow carers and CPFT staff a short course for families who are caring for a loved one with an eating disorder. In my first term of office I worked with fellow governors and Trust staff to implement the Triangle of Care standards, which aim to see carers included, informed and better supported when they are caring for someone with a serious mental health problem. I have just begun my second term of office and my aim is to support the further development of the Triangle of Care so that carers are embedded in all that the Trust does. I also want to support other Trust initiatives such as the Suicide Prevention Strategy, and its engagement with schools and education. I will do all I can to secure the best possible mental health services for our area.
Contact Keith


Mirka Anderson

My interest in becoming a Governor stems from my personal experience, as a carer of my Downs syndrome daughter. My professional experience, as a Speech and Language therapist in a psychiatric hospital for over 15 years. In addition as a carer I am interested in communication improvement and implementation of individual care plans involving the patient the carer and the Trust. Finally as an interpreter my experience of ethnic group ‘issues’ in the rural areas require special attention and consideration of their case managements.






Nora O'Shea

The reason I became a staff Governor?
those of you who know me are aware of how passionate i am, not only about my role in the CPFT, but how the staff are just as important.
1, I want to provide a much wider physical health and well being throughout the CPFT organisation for our staff.
I want to continue and develop good communications for our staff trust wide, I want to develop links to support my co workers by being the voice for staff.
2, I want to help develop and improve Equality and Diversity throughout our CPFT organisation. we know each days brings new challenges and at times rewards.We are the ones that know what is needed and where resources lack.
3, Health and Safety, I want to promote and develop good safe work environments and training to colleagues.


Sue Rampal (Interim)


Sara Sampson

I have been employed by CPFT for over seven years working with the Huntingdon Intake and Treatment Team, the Psychological Wellbeing service (IAPT) and currently the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. I would like to help influence the future of the mental health services we provide in collaboration with the views of those who use and deliver these services. I believe in protecting the rights of vulnerable people in an organisation that is safe, effective and well led and ensuring that the appropriate action is taken where standards are not met. I am enthusiastic, proactive and believe in the great work that we do. I see the difference we make to people's lives and this must be what drives our Trust to be the best it can be. I am happy to be contacted to hear your views and help address any concerns.


Matthew Barker 

 I care about how CPFT is run. My voice will be a voice representing many people. I am a member of staff and a service user. Although I have only been working here  for six months I have learned a lot and meet many people. Before working at the trust I volunteered at the Finance department in Huntingdon and trained to become a peer support worker. I have seen the trust from several points of view personally. I consider it a great place to work. I currently work in Administration at Fulbourn. I meet many people at Elizabeth house where I work in the cash office and on reception on the wards.

I also help Art Therapies with administration work. Being a governor would allow your voice through my voice to be heard when important decisions are being made. I am currently chair at a small mental health charity in Cambridge. I have very much enjoyed going to the trustees meetings and discussing the various issues arising. Although the trust is well run it is important that people are held to account and decisions explained. I am ready to listen to you and represent you.


Appointed Governors


Diana Wood

University of Cambridge

Director of Medical Education and Clinical Dean in the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
CPFT has important links with the University of Cambridge. The University Department of Psychiatry is an internationally leading centre for research, teaching and clinical practice in most areas of psychiatry and is recognised as a centre of academic excellence. Successful interaction between the two organisations will ensure that CPFT remains at the forefront in all areas of clinical practice and that service users benefit from first class evidence-based care.


Laura Hunt

Laura has been a police officer for over 20 years with Cambridgeshire Constabulary and has served in many differ uniform roles. Previously she was an Area Commander for Huntingdonshire. In May 2016 she was promoted to Temporary Superintendent and became Head of the Partnerships and Operational Department based at Headquarters. The issues lead, co-ordinated and progressed by this team include Citizens in Policing, Mental Health, Substance Misuse, Positive Action, Taser and PREVENT (counter terrorism).

Within the Constabulary, Laura is responsible for the Partnerships and Operational Support team, Resource Management Unit and Property Officers. She also has responsibilities for the eight-strong cadre of Force Duty Managers (FDMs).

In October 2016, Laura was substantively promoted to the rank of a Superintendent and is remaining in her current post. She is both a Public Order and Firearms Commander.


Sandra Myers

my role is one of appointed governor, and I see it as bringing good links to CUH and CPFT. My role within CUH has strong links to CPFT (Director of Integrated Care) and I see my role as appointed governor allows me to support CPFT with a different slant.


Graham Wilson

Cambridgeshire County Council


Lesley Crosby

Peterborough and Stamford NHS Foundation Trust

I felt very privileged to be asked to a an Appointed Governor at CPFT and am really looking forward to the challenges and experiences this role will bring. I have worked in the NHS now for 30 years and I am currently the Deputy Chief Nurse at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I am committed to ensuring that all patients receive quality care irrespective of their illness.

The area of work I have focused on in the last 7 years has been around patient experience and ensuring that we learn lessons from complaints, incidents etc. I bring a wealth of experience in this field and am looking forward to sharing this as well as learning about the excellent work CPFT does. My vision for the NHS is to ensure that patients receive seamless care and that all NHS organisations work together to ensure that patients receive the very best care all of the time.


Charlotte Black 

Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council






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