Learning, development and the CPFT Academy

CPFT recognises that our most important resource is our employees. We are committed to the training and development of our talented workforce so that they will gain the necessary skills to reach their full potential. Effective training and development will assist in enabling us to achieve our aims and objectives, to provide high quality services to our service users. By continuing to increase the skills and knowledge of our staff, CPFT will produce confident, highly qualified employees working as effective and efficient teams. CPFT is currently investing in a new academy. The CPFT Academy will be a trustwide resource, providing support to current and future employees around leadership, learning and development, training and medical education. Work has started to start developing the strategy for the academy, to identify the goals and to start the planning process to ensure that is has the right resource to meet the organisation’s needs.

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Recovery College East

Recovery College East provides a collaborative, educational learning environment and aims to convey messages of hope, empowerment and opportunity to all. It celebrates strengths and successes rather than highlighting deficits or problems. You can find out more here

Annual appraisal and performance management

As part of our annual appraisal system, CPFT has designed a performance management process that encourages high performance from all staff across the Trust. It strengthens existing performance management arrangements and supports maximising organisational performance along with recognising the contribution individual employees are able to make. Senior managers are able to recognise and reward high performance but also recognise that, in aiming to have every employee attaining their maximum contribution to service delivery, identify gaps between core standards and current employee performance.

Staff awards

‘Our staff matter – we trust, value and develop each other. We build a great place to work, where people are inspired to be the best they can be. This is part of CPFT’s value statement and to implement this CPFT has undertaken a number of staff recognition schemes.

Annual staff awards ceremony

Every year, CPFT holds an Oscars-style award evening to recognise and reward staff.

Pride Awards for individuals and teams

This is a monthly reward and recognition scheme run by CPFT and is open to all staff who are nominated for an action or actions beyond what would normally be expected from them. Individual and team nominations are sent in.

Staff engagement

CPFT believes that by having engaged and empowered staff who are actively involved in decision-making will have a more healthy workforce. 

Chief Executive staff meetings

Chief Executive Aidan Thomas has been running regular meetings around the Trust giving staff the opportunity to chat to him directly.


This is CPFT’s online chat forum where executive directors are online for an hour to answer staff questions.

Staff-side and unions

CPFT has a staff-side committee and recognises trade union organisations.

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Research and development

We believe in the value of scientific research to improve understanding and treatment of mental health disorders. As part of a globally excellent research community in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and the region, we have a large and diverse portfolio of active research studies. Staff are invited to get involved in research and development and be part of developing innovative services. You can read more here

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Cambridge University Health Partners

CPFT is a member of Cambridge University Health Partners - a partnership between the University of Cambridge, CPFT, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Papworth Hospital. It delivers world-class excellence in health care, research and clinical education to improve health for people across the Cambridgeshire region and beyond. You can find out more here.

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Staff discounts

CPFT is able to offer staff a number of exciting salary sacrifice schemes as follows:

Childcare vouchers

As a CPFT employee, you can minimise the worry of increasing childcare costs by taking advantage of your statutory entitlement to use up to £243* per month of salary TAX and National Insurance free to pay towards your childcare costs. Childcare vouchers are a tax and National Insurance efficient scheme to provide working parents with help towards paying for childcare. Providing you earn above the minimum wage after deductions you are entitled, through salary sacrifice, to exchange up to £243* per month, towards your childcare costs in the form of childcare vouchers.

Cycle-to-Work Scheme

Through Halfords Cycle2Work scheme, CPFT can provide you with a new bicycle (providing the main use of the bike is for commuting to work). You will incur no tax and National Insurance on the benefit. This means you will save a vast amount of money compared to purchasing a bike outright yourself from the high street.

Car lease scheme

The car lease scheme is designed to provide all permanent staff with the option of having access to a new car of their choice at a competitive price whilst at the same time providing savings for the Trust that will support the services provided to patients.

Mobile phone scheme

Staff can apply to buy a range of smart phones through the mobile phone scheme giving staffsavings on income tax, National Insurance and NHS Pension Scheme contributions.

Computer and home electronics scheme

The Computers for Staff and Home Electronics Schemes are for all Trust employees and works the same way as the phone scheme above.

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NHS Pension, pay and leave

NHS Pension

As a member of the NHS staff are eligible to join the NHS Pension Scheme this provides:

  • Employer’s contributions
  • A pension linked to pay and length of membership. (Benefits are fully guaranteed and will increase each year to keep pace with inflation.)
  • Immediate life assurance of twice your annual pay from the first day of joining. This is usually a tax-free lump sum payable to anyone or your estate
  • Pensions and allowances for your spouse, civil partner, qualifying unmarried partner, and dependent children if you die
  • A tax-free lump sum (optional in the case of members of the 2008 Section) 
  • Voluntary early retirement (from age 50 (1995 Section) or 55 (2008 Section)) members will receive an actuarially reduced pension because the pension will be paid earlier and for longer

In addition, members:

  • Do-not-pay administration costs 
  • May transfer pension benefits into and out of the scheme. (If you change jobs in the NHS your membership will normally continue.) 
  • Can increase their contributions to get bigger benefits

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As an NHS organisation, staff are paid according to the nationally agreed Agenda for Change pay scales. Medical staff are paid in line with the hospital, medical and dental staff national pay rates.


CPFT has an enhanced leave package dependent on length of service in the NHS and includes an enhanced maternity, adoption and paternity leave package. We take the health and wellbeing of our staff very seriously and so support staff in taking regular leave throughout the year.

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Flexible working

CPFT recognises the importance that all members of staff enjoy a healthy work-life balance. To achieve this, the Trust is committed to providing a range of flexible working options to maintain a committed and skilled workforce that is able to deliver high-quality, cost-effective services in an environment that maximises opportunities to balance work and personal commitments.

The Trust is committed to provide equal opportunities employment and to meet the provisions of the Employment Act 2002, whereby parents of children under the age of six (or 18 if disabled), who have completed 26 continuous weeks' service have the right to request flexible working to assist them in the upbringing of their children.

The Trust recognises that getting this balance right helps staff make an important contribution towards delivering first-class services. Whilst working towards the provision of more flexible working patterns to meet staff needs, the Trust also has to ensure that the service provided to service users/patients remains paramount. To achieve this, balance flexibility is required on the part of both the employer and the employee.

Our flexible working policy allows any employee who has completed 26 weeks' continuous employment the right to apply for a change in their contracted hours of work but does not guarantee a change will be made.

The flexible working options that CPFT is able to offer are as follows:

  • Annualised hours: Contracted hours are calculated annually and are worked flexibly per week/month matching service fluctuations/demands. Pay and leave are averaged out over a 12-month period.
  • Compression working: Reducing the number of working days but continue to work the same number of hours. This requires you to work longer hours but can give you greater flexibility by increasing your days off work. This may include four-day weeks or nine-day fortnights.
  • Flexible retirement: Options if approaching retirement and/or wishing to access your NHS Pension include ‘wind down’ (reduce your hours but retain benefits), ‘step-down’ (take on lower grade/less demanding job and preserve benefits at higher level) and ‘retire and come back’ (access pension and return to part-time job. Step-down subject to approval by Trust.
  • Home working: Work duties either fully or partly being undertaken from home on a short-term or permanent basis. Can support employees with carer responsibilities or those recovering from longer-term illness.
  • Job share: Working arrangement allowing two (or more) people to share the work, responsibilities and objectives of one job. Terms and conditions are the same as full-time posts but split between the partners.
  • Part-time working: Any work undertaken of less than the full contract hours for that role.
  • Regular working pattern: Could include day/twilight/evening/night-only shifts, weekday/weekend/fixed-day working to meet.
  • Working shift swapping: Applies to both shift and on-call arrangements. Systems rely on goodwill and flexibility from everyone.
  • Team-based self-rostering: Ward/department-based system giving staff improved control and flexibility over working hours.
  • Term-time only: Work is only undertaken during school term time. Pay and leave are averaged over 12 months.
  • Variable time working: Allows working time to be ‘varied’ temporarily for up to six months. Hours can reduce or stay the same. Earlier/later start times or earlier/later finish times could be accommodated under a variable time arrangement. Return to original hours at the end of the six-month period.

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Health and wellbeing

We have a designated Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator who is responsible for co-ordinating health-related initiatives - whether it is encouraging staff to be more active, take their lunch-break or singing in our workplace choir. All staff are encouraged to get involved, take a part or initiate an activity.

Staff Matters is our health and wellbeing online resource that is part of our intranet. It contains information on the following:

  • Discounts and saving schemes
  • Activities and events
  • Staff buy and sell
  • Managing stress
  • Directory
  • Events calendar
  • Careers and development
  • Mindfulness

As an NHS Trust, CPFT believes is should set a good example and has for many years been a non-smoking site. It also has a no-alcohol policy.

CPFT is also able to offer its staff free annual flu jabs.

A staff counselling service is available from Oakdale.

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