If you are worried, hurt or afraid, it is always best to try to talk to an adult - someone in your family or someone who you know and trust, such as your teacher or your doctor. You can always call your GP surgery at any time as they also have an out-of-hours' service.


If you can, talk to someone you can trust and ask for their help

If you are already working with our CAMHS or Child Health Services

During working hours you can contact your team (the telephone number will be on letters we send to you and also your therapist will give you their contact number).

In the evening, at night or at weekends, you can ring our out-of-hours' telephone number 0800 052 2252.

If you are feeling really upset, or sad, or worried that you might hurt yourself, or are thinking about hurting yourself

If you can't immediately tell someone you can trust or your doctor who will help you get the support you need, you can talk to:





If you feel that you are in danger or afraid you are going to be hurt by someone

Telephone 999 and ask to be put through to the police.

If someone has hurt themselves badly

Take them to the A&E at your local hospital or call 999 and ask for an ambulance. If it is not an emergency get them to A&E or their doctors as soon as possible.   

If you are worried about something you see on the computer or are being bullied by people on the internet or phone

Cyber-bullying is when people use the internet or phone to send nasty and upsetting messages. If this has happened to you, talk to an adult you can trust or you can finds lots of help and support from thinkuknow. Thinkuknow has lots of useful information about how to stay safe on the internet and phone.

If you are worried about drugs

Talk to Frank for advice on what to do in an emergency.

  • 24-hour phoneline for advice and information: 0800 77 66 00 
  • Text service: 82111                                


If you are worried about someone, you can talk to:

If you need help urgently

It is best to go to your GP or visit your local hospital A&E.

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