Sometimes we feel sad for no reason at all.

What makes us feel sad?

Lots of things that happen can make us feel sad. Sometimes when we feel sad, we remember other sad things and end up feeling even worse! At times it can feel as if these feelings are never going to go away, but things can and do change for the better!

You may feel sad because:

  • someone has said something that hurt your feelings
  • a friend has fallen out with you
  • someone has bullied you or treated you badly
  • someone you love has died
  • a pet has died
  • you can't do the things your friends can do

What can help us feel better?

We don't usually feel sad for very long. We start to feel better, or our friends and family cheer us up. Sometimes we do things that take our minds off being sad or worried, like drawing or playing sport. Talking to a friend might help, or watching a funny programme.

Sometimes none of these things seem to work and our sad feelings feel like they are always with us.

If you feel like that, it is important to talk to someone in your family or to someone whose job it is to help children struggling with their feelings.

Sometimes it is also useful to talk to a doctor about your feelings.

These people can help you feel ok again.

Whatever you choose to do, and whoever you choose to speak to - remember, things will change!

Other young people and their families have found the organisations below helpful.







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