Getting help from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

This is our CAMHS clinic in Cambridge

If you have thoughts, feelings or worries that are making your life difficult, and everything you have tried to make it better hasn't really worked, we can offer practical support and help to get you back to where you feel able to take control of your life again.

To find out about getting extra help, you or an adult you trust can speak to your doctor, or someone at your school.  It might even be someone else's idea for you to get some extra help because they are worried about you.

They will ask you to explain how you are feeling and about the problems you have so they can understand what sort of help you need.  If they think CAMHS is best for you they will contact us (this is a referral).

We know that it can feel confusing when you come to CAMHS for the first time and you will probably have lots of questions.

We can talk about this when we meet but if you want to find out more before your first appointment, you might find these leaflets helpful:


Where is CAMHS?

We mostly work in clinics but we can also see you at other places, such as at your school or at home. We try to make appointments at a place that suits you best.




This is our waiting area at the clinic in Peterborough 

Who comes to the appointment?

We ask you and your family to come to your first appointment so that we can talk to you all. This helps us to understand your difficulties and look at how we can help you.

What will happen?

If we decide that CAMHS is the right help for you, we will work with you and your family to agree a plan for us all to work on that will meet your needs.

Sometimes we might all agree that another service might be best and we will help you and your family to get in touch with that service.

The service directory pages have more information about CAMH services in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough:

Everyone is different, so the help they need, and the help we give will be different. We will make sure that you get the help that's best for you.

We are not an emergency service so if you need help urgently you must contact your doctor's surgery or visit A&E at your local hospital. 

More information on where to get help

If you have a problem when you are part of the CAMHS and you need their help, you can call them anytime during working hours or telephone our out-of-hours' service: 0800 052 2252.

Some people have also found the organisations and websites in the list below helpful. 




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