What others think about our service

If you are thinking of asking for a referral, or maybe have an appointment coming up, you might want to hear about other people’s experiences of our services. If you don’t know anyone else having similar difficulties it can be helpful to learn that they are very common. It might be hard now to imagine that things can get better, so reading the stories of Margaret and John might help you to have some hope for the future.

Some comments about the older adult service from a recent service evaluation report:

  • “It’s an opportunity to talk frankly and in great detail particularly about childhood issues...and keep focussed on the problem solving.”
  • “Relaxed and could talk about different things...so caring...it was top notch”
  • “If I didn’t have [therapist] then I would have got worse...now I feel content at night whereas before the nights felt so long and I dreaded the nights”

Click here for the full report

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