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Specialist Eating Disorder Unit Inpatient admissions

The NICE guidelines recommend that treatments are delivered within the community where possible. As such, the majority of people receiving treatment from NCEDS complete their entire treatment in the community.  At times, some people will require more intensive support or interventions. Because your progress will be regularly reviewed with you (and your family if appropriate), you should be aware and involved in decisions made about your care and / or whether an inpatient admission may be necessary. 

Patients may be admitted when their health deteriorates and it is not safe for them to be treated in the community, if they need a specific intervention that can only be delivered in an inpatient unit or if adequate outpatient treatment has proved unsuccessful. In making a decision about admission we will help you weigh up the pros and cons of outpatient treatment versus the pros and cons of inpatient treatment to make the best decision for you. If an admission is necessary to save somebody’s life and they refuse to be admitted, on rare occasions it might be necessary to treat them against their will using the Mental Health Act.

Admissions should whenever possible be planned ahead of time and the goals of the admission be agreed ahead of time. It is likely that there would be a waiting time to be admitted to a specialist eating disorder unit. We will support you to keep yourself safe in this time. We try to admit patients to units that can meet their individual needs and is as local as possible. However, if it is not safe to wait for a more local bed, we sometimes have to find in unit further from Norfolk.

Our most frequently used units are Newmarket House in Norwich and Ward S3 in Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and less frequently The Priory in Chelmsford.

If you do need an admission, the NCEDS transition worker will maintain contact with you throughout your admission and obtain regularly updates regarding your progress from the treating team.

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