Team members

Ed Bullmore

Director of R&D
Ed is also Professor of Psychiatry in the University of Cambridge and works half-time at GlaxoSmithKline as head of the Clinical Unit in Cambridge (CUC). His main research interest is using brain imaging to improve understanding and treatment of mental health issues.

Stephen Kelleher

Senior R&D Manager
Stephen is the Senior R&D Manager for CPFT and leads on the Joint Research Office with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Rachel Kyd & Jane Gaffa

Research Governance Coordinators
Rachel and Jane oversee research governance within the Trust and process applications from researchers seeking Trust R&D approval. They provide training, peer review, advice and practical support to researchers about the research approval process.  Rachel and Jane  are  the first points  of contact for researchers and commercial companies interested in conducting research within the Trust.


Mary-Beth Sherwood

R&D Governance Assistant
Mary-Beth is the point of contact for honorary research contracts with the Trust and can be contacted by external researchers applying for or renewing their honorary contracts including letters of access.  Mary-Beth can also provide advice and support to researchers about ethics and R&D approval processes.

Francine Kieta

R&D Administrator
Francine supports the day-to-day management of the R&D team.

Iliana Rokkou(on maternity leave) 

User and Carer R&D Manager

Ruth Holmes

User and Carer R&D Manager
Ruth is currently the User and Carer R&D Manager for CPFT. Her role is to strengthen meaningful service user and carer involvement in research across the Trust and make involvement a positive experience for all people involved.

Jonathan Lewis

Research Database Manager
In his role Jonathan supports the CPFT Research Database (a.k.a. CRIS) as well as helping researchers access and use the database effectively.

Michelle Clarke

Senior Management Accountant
Michelle will help researchers develop a budget and monitor and report on that budget throughout its time span. Michelle should be contacted if any research projects involve funding from CPFT or the employment of staff within CPFT.

Kathryn Jones

R&D Solicitor
The R&D solicitor is responsible for approving contracts, while also advising on legal issues relating to research.

Karen Gipp

NIHR Research Manager
Karen is the first point of contact for CPFT studies within the University of Cambridge.

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