What is the Cambridge Centre for Paediatric Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (CCPNR)?

The CCPNR is a place that helps children and young people who have had a brain injury at some point in their life and may be having difficulties at home or at school.


Why am I visiting the CCPNR?

Young people come to the CCPNR who have experienced an injury to their brain, either through an accident or illness. 

They might need help with:

  • Learning at school
  • Talking
  • Doing things for themselves
  • Coping with how they are feeling
  • Getting on with their brothers and sisters, their family and their friends
  • Managing their behaviour


What will happen on my visit to the CCPNR?

We are based in a family clinic, which is not like a hospital, and you will be asked only to do some talking and activities.

When you come to the CCPNR, you and your parents will meet with one or more people from the team to learn about what has happened to your brain. It's important for us to learn about you and your family so we can understand how things are now. You will then be asked to do some activities that look at your thinking skills, memory, and learning; so that we can work out what your strengths are and where you might need a bit more support.


What happens after my visit to the CCPNR?

After your visit to the CCPNR we will send a letter to you and your parents to say what we have found and how we think we can support you. We will then work with you to set goals for things that are important to you and to support you, your parents, and your school to work towards achieving them. 

Some of the things other children have said are important to them include: talking to and hanging out with friends and family; playing sports and hobbies; independence - such as taking the bus, or getting a job after leaving school; help with school - such as remembering and paying attention; sleeping and tiredness; feeling worried, angry or sad.


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Further information

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