You are young with your whole life ahead of you. Take every opportunity. Be the best you can in all areas of your life.


What potential?

You might be surprised what you can do.

It's not just about exams and qualifications, winning awards or even scoring goals! Achievement is about developing your skills and stretching your abilities until you are doing the very best you are capable of. Discovering what you are good at and what you'd like to get to be good at. Making the best of what abilities you have. And DON'T let other people define you by their expectations - shock them and shame them!

Listen to an Aussie Fairy Godmother giving advice on playing to your strengths :

and if you were suitably "enchanted" by her, you can watch her other 9 tips also on youtube!

If you are hungry for more learning, find out about further education and other courses and qualifications. Is there something you'd love to be able to do but never tried? Look for chances to learn a new skill, improve the ones you've got, go for it!

If you don't fancy your chances in the job market these days but you have got an idea for a business, find out how and where to get advice, funding and assistance to start up your own business. You might be the next Richard Branson or Alan Sugar. The Prince's Trust can help you.

Take your chances while you can

Haven't you heard your parents or grandparents muttering about "you're only young once"? They might be a bit jealous of the life you can have these days, but it really is true and lots of the adults you know are wishing they had done something more or different while they were young and had the chance. It's not about beating you with a big stick to get you out and doing things, it's about not wanting YOU to learn the hard way that it is easier TO learn when you are young. Honest. It's no accident you lot are so good at new technology compared to the older generation!

And it's also about achieving your potential to be the best person you can, understanding the world we live in and the people who might seem very different, and learning to make a better world for everyone.

Encompass is one organisation which works to bring together young people from different cultures and backgrounds, supporting them to become more understanding and tolerant of each other while giving them the skills and confidence to promote inter-cultural understanding in their communities.

There are local opportunities, too. Make friends being a friend. 

Cambridgeshire Youth Service

This is a countywide service for 11-19-year-olds providing opportunities for personal and social development. Activities include youth clubs, projects, street-based work, information and counselling, volunteering, trips and visits. Youth workers help young people work towards their goals. Youth workers are based in local teams. If you want to contact them direct, call the central support team on 01223 718476 and they will tell you what number to call.

So reach for the sky. Believe in yourself. Do something worthwhile which makes you feel good and won't leave you sitting there in your old age saying "I wish I had taken the chance". Don't be pressured by other people's expectations of you but be encouraged by those who see your potential and believe in you. Don't put things off as the opportunity may never come again. Don't give up if it isn't easy, but don't ruin your life if a thing is not possible after all. Set your own values and measure success in terms which matter and not just money and possessions.

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