Are you doing something which isn't doing you any good? Wish you could stop? Is someone else doing something which isn't doing either of you any good? Wish they could stop?


Maybe it started out as fun, or you thought you could stop any time. But now you're hooked. That's when a bad habit turns into an addiction. And maybe you're getting into trouble as well, or making yourself ill.

If someone close to you has an addiction, the chances are it affects you too. Anything from being a bit worried about them to completely stressed out or depressed, forced to leave home or endure abuse or neglect at home if you stay. That's a bit extreme, so better to deal with bad habits before they turn to addictions. For everyone's sake, because if they can make your life hell, you might be doing the same to them if you're the addict.

There is help to beat a bad habit or addiction, and people who have had the same problem to support you, whether it is

Click on them to see what GTRT has to say on each.

Addictiontoday has information and details of help and support for all kinds of addictions.

If it isn't anything like that but you still can't stop a habit, you may have an obsessive compulsive disorder which needs help through your doctor. Learn more about what it is from NHS Choices and the Royal College of Psychiatrists. If you are diagnosed with it, there are organisations specifically to help sufferers and their families. Checkout OCD-UK and OCD Action.  

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