Are you bored? Want to get more out of life?

However much or however little you've got, there will always be days when you feel like there is nothing to do, nowhere to go (and no-one to play with!) even though you may know that isn't really true. These are the times when you can easily feel even more isolated and misunderstood and start to feel that life is unfair and everyone else is having more fun than you. And some of them certainly will be doing, so what are you going to do about it?

If you've got time on your hands, GTRT can suggest ways for you to fill it :

  • Fun stuff to do online
  • Youth clubs and activities
  • Get fit
  • Take part in sports
  • Learn something new
  • Get involved with a group
  • Help support other people having rough times
  • Volunteer or help a good cause

You might think that the odds are stacked up for someone like you to get a chance to do anything, you have no money, no transport and no encouragement. Could even be that you'd feel a bit nerdy doing some of it, compared to your family or friends, but what's more important in the end? Find yourself and have the courage to be yourself - who knows what you might be capable of if you achieve your potential. Or you can feel sorry for yourself, do nothing and end up feeling like life is not worth living, get involved in gangs , into trouble with the law, or drop out and take drugs or get a drink problem.

There is always something you can achieve and the harder it was, the more satisfaction in getting there.

Take inspiration from these kids in Paraguay :

Don't be put off by feeling inadequate. Resist peer pressure, set your own goals and go for them. Boost your self esteem, feel better in your body and enjoy being part of something.

Get more out of life by putting more in.

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