Fund advisors

What is a fund advisor?

As Corporate Trustee, CPFT holds charitable funds on trust for the benefit of CPFT and the NHS and have a fiduciary duty to manage and expend these funds for the public benefit. Once funds are paid into the Charity they become the property, held on trust, of the Corporate Trustee.

However, the Trust Board of Directors recognise that they have limited knowledge of many different aspects of the services, research and education provided throughout CPFT and so must take expert advice from Trust staff in order to discharge their responsibilities.

The Trustee appoints fund advisors who they look to for this advice. Fund advisors do not own charitable funds, but provide valuable advice and guidance on how funds might be best spent in their areas. They also help the Trustee to fulfil its obligation to spend charitable funds in a timely manner according to the donors’ wishes.

Fund advisors are also sometimes referred to as fund holders or fund managers.

What are the responsibilities of a fund advisor?

Head to Toe Charity appoints a minimum of two fund advisors for each charitable fund. These are contracted (substantive or honorary) members of CPFT staff and usually operationally significant in the area for which they hold a fund, e.g. service managers, modern matrons, ward managers.

Fund advisors co-ordinate charitable income and expenditure related to their fund(s) and monitor fund balances, receiving regular fund statements. The Trustee delegates spending responsibilities to them so they are able to authorise expenditure up to certain limits (see the Scheme of Delegation). They also initiate spending requests above these limits but with additional authorisation.

They also work with the Charity to help maximise the benefits of their fund(s), which includes:
• Ensuring their fund remains active with both income and expenditure.
• Making certain that staff in their department know how to handle charitable income.
• Encouraging staff to get involved with fundraising for Head to Toe Charity.
• Making information readily available and accessible for patients and staff about how to make a donation or fundraise for the Charity and their fund.
• Being open and available to staff members wanting to discuss spending opportunities.
• Involving staff members and colleagues on decisions of charitable spending
• Making sure the Charity is aware of all charitable expenditure from their fund so they can convey that information to supporters.
• Ensuring the Charity receives details of approved charitable expenditure from their fund including evidence of Trust support, where required.
• Being united and collaborative in decision making with the Charity and other fund advisors.

All fund advisors should be familiar with the Charity's Charitable Funds Guide and CPFT's Charity Policy.

Head to Toe Charity holds details of all fund advisors, including contact details and signatures for verification purposes. The Charity must be notified by fund advisors of any change in circumstances as soon as possible, e.g. retirement, leaving post or change of details by completing a Fund Advisor Amendment Form and returning it to Serco’s charity team (see the Useful guidance and forms page).

A list of all the Charity's funds and fund advisors is available here.

Head to Toe Charity reserves the right to suspend or remove fund advisors where there is evidence of maladministration, misapplication of funds or fraud.


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