Useful guidance and forms


Policies and guides

CPFT Charity Policy - details the Trust's guidance regarding CPFT and charities
Charitable Funds Guide - guidance on procedures within the Charity including details on staff accepting donations; the role of a fund advisor and how to apply for funding.

Fund management forms

Fund advisor amendment form - to add or remove fund advisors or change the name of the fund.
New fund form - to open a new charitable fund.
Fund List - a full list of all the funds that the Charity holds and their fund advisors.

Accessing charitable funding and grants

If you have a purchase or project that is eligible for funding from the Charity (see the Charitable Funds Guide above for details of eligibility and how to access funding) that is of the value of £5,000 and over you will need the following forms:

Grant application form - to apply for charitable funding of £5,000 and over.
Grant evaluation form - to report back to the Charity with the results of a grant.
Standard terms and conditions - these apply to all charitable funding from the Charity.

Fund expenditure forms

Approval from the fund advisor and any additional authority must be granted in accordance with the scheme of delegation prior to committing to any expenditure. All charitable expenditure is administrated by the Serco charity team using the forms below.

Please note: charitable funds cannot be used to purchase alcohol, stationery or equipment that should be provided from exchequer funding.
Any incomplete forms or forms without the relevant receipts, invoices or documentation that are submitted for payment will be returned and will only delay the processing of payment. Digital signatures are not acceptable. Email authorisation is only acceptable for purchases under £1000 using a CF1 Requisition Form.

Important note: fund advisors cannot sign off their own expenditure/expenses. Where a second signature is not available, then a member of staff that holds

CF1 requisition form - to order goods and services from charitable funds via Serco Procurement or to reclaim committed expenditure.
Payment request form - to order minor good and services, those that cannot be purchase via Serco Procurement or to reclaim committed expenditure from charitable funds.
Cash request form - as per the payment request form but for goods, services or reclaims that need to be paid for in cash.
VAT zero-rated form - for medical and computer equipment purchased wholly through charitable funds and should be included with the CF1 requisition form.

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