How to stay stress-free during the World Cup…well, almost!

Dr Manaan Kar-Ray offers England fans advice ahead of must-win game

How to stay stress-free during the World Cup…well, almost!
17 June 2014


The World Cup is well underway in Brazil - and for England fans the tension is growing.

For Roy Hodgson’s team, their next match against Uruguay has become a must-win game.

And all the pre-tournament talk of low-expectations has disappeared and already supporters are obsessed with Wayne Rooney’s best position, who should be in the starting XI, and whether Luis Suarez will be fit to face the Three Lions?

So how can fans reduce their stress levels and actually enjoy, rather than endure, the feast of football?

Dr Manaan Kar-Ray (above), Clinical Director of Acute Care, at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, has devised a series of World Cup top tips:

Come together If you get invited to a World Cup party or watch a game with family, friends or neighbours, then go. We can all feel lonely at times which can lead to feeling of isolation and depression But football can bring us all together. So if the chance is there to mix with people, take it.

And breathe...! Roy Hodgson picked the wrong side? England defence gone awol again? Referee out of his depth? Take a moment, count to 10 and focus on your breathing. This is a technique called Mindfulness, which will help you remain calm and in control. Our staff and service-users do this every morning so they are better able to tackle the day’s challenges - or the sight of a foreign striker doing ten roly-polys after barely being touched.

Here for the beer For many supporters, it’s one of life’s great pleasures to have a drink during a game. I’m not going to say don’t drink, but we all need to be aware how much it can change our mood - and not always for the
better. The links between alcohol and reckless behaviour and poor judgement are well documented. And poor judgement is best left to players, managers and referees.

Kick-off time Inspired by what they’ve already seen, there are youngsters everywhere pretending to be Neymar, Ronaldo and Sterling. Why should that stop when we’re adults? Get out of the house and go and have a kickabout. The benefits of exercise on people’s mental health are incredible.

They think it’s all over Here’s the reality: at some point England’s participation in the tournament will end. Either in glorious success at the Maracanã on July 13 or - and evidence would suggest this is much more likely - in glorious failure after penalties in the quarter-finals. Martin Luther King once said: “We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” Acceptance and hope are both vital for our mental health…and so is the knowledge that England will be better at the European Championships in France in 2016.


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