It can be daunting coming into hospital. We hope that some of these photos will give you an idea of the environment at the Phoenix Centre. We work hard to make the unit feel as less like a hospital as possible. We have recently had lots of rooms refurbished and the Garden landscaped. As a young person at the hospital, we are always asking for your ideas and suggestions about what equipment and resources you would like on the unit to make it feel more like home.

Please see below for pictures of our different facilities. 

 The young people at the Phoenix Centre are currently refurbishing our website.. new photos will be uploaded soon! 
garden phoenix 4 resized


Recently landscaped, a much utilised space for the young people

Phoenix decopage resized

 Time for me

We encourage young people to undertake activities in their free time, like decoupage

Phoenix Lounge1 18092015

Communal area

This is where lots of young people choose to spend their free time

parent carer area

Dining area

A supportive  eating environment, using a three-table system

bedroom phoenix resized



We encourage you to personalise your room and make it your own!

meetings room door phoenix resized


Group room

This is where most of the therapeutic groups take place

FT room phoenix door resized


Family therapy room

This is where our Family Therapist will work with you and your family

family dining room phoenix resized


Family dining room

Dedicated space to support family meals

optimized meet the team

High-dependency area

A dedicated space to support young people who are particularly distressed


In time, you will be able to help prep your own meals, with support from staff

bathroom corridor phoenix resized 2

 Bathroom Corridor

There are several bathrooms on the unit, with a combination of baths and showers

Time for me

Staff and young people often use our games consoles

optimized work for us


Dedicated rooms in which you can continue with your education

clinic room resized

 Clinic room


Hospital grounds

We are lucky to have lots of green space around us in Fulbourn

phoenix banangrams

 Time for me

Bananagrams is a firm favourite with staff and young people


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