May 2019


FOI Reference number Topic Attachments (if applicable)
F20035A Population served and number of HCPC practitioner psychologists  
F20036A Flexible Working Policy and Adoption  
F20037A Air conditioning  
F20038A Adult neuro-rehabilitation  
F20039A Out of area treatment  
F20040A Home births  
F20041A Use of coal  
F20042A Neck of femur fractures and NOACs  
F20043A Overseas recruitment of nurses  
F20044A Agency staffing  
F20045A Spend with specific suppliers Attachment 
F20046A CT and DEXA equipment  
F20047A Interpretation/translation services  
F20048A Spend over £25k since Jan 2019  
F20049A Use of Propofol  
F20050A FOI/SAR/legal claims Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3, Attachment 4Attachment 5
F20052A E-rostering  
F20054A Direct engagement for locum staff  
F20055A Image viewing and reporting system  
F20056A Mobile phone contract  
F20058A Room/Theatre disinfection  
F20060A Mental Health Act  
F20062A Digital pathology usage  
F20064A Use of unlicensed cannabis based medical products in Acute Trusts  
F20065A  Car parking management Attachment
F20066A Counter fraud team   
F20067A  FY19 spend on bank and agency for admin & clerical  
F20068A  Couple Therapy for Depression/Behavioural Couples Therapy  
F20069A  Hymen reconstruction surgeries  
F20071A  International recruitment Attachment
F20072A  CCTV maintenance and support contracts  
F20073A  Number of glaucoma patients FY17, FY18, FY19  
F20074A  Number of glaucoma patients at present time  
F20075A  Number of glaucoma patients stable/non-stable  
F20076A  Glaucoma patient review appointments  
F20077A  Glaucoma patient outstanding review appointments  
F20078A  CCG contract for glaucoma treatment  
F20079A  Pathway for glaucoma diagnosis/glaucoma monitoring  
F20080A  Delivery of pathway for glaucoma diagnosis/glaucoma monitoring  
F20081A  Addresses for locations delivering glaucoma services  
F20082A  NHS pension  
F20083A  Budget and payroll for FY19 and FY20  
F20084A  Mental health provision for suspects  
F20086A  Catheter labs  
F20087A Cardiac catheter labs   
F20088A PREVENT statistics  

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