Spring issue of Speak Your Mind magazine out now

Issue six (April 2019) of Speak Your Mind is out now! This issue we’ve placed a special focus on mental health in pregnancy and parenting.

We spoke with Deborah Murthwaite, who is a perinatal clinical nurse working with women from the point of confirmed pregnancy up until their baby’s first birthday. She says: “Any new mum or mum-to-be can be at risk of becoming mentally unwell. Unfortunately, there is no immunity from this. It’s mother nature’s response to a major, stressful life event.”

Deborah teamed up with mental health midwife Nicky Pearson-Day and mother-of-two Rebecca Langridge to create an article giving a complete picture and enabling them to share their own experiences of perinatal mental health.

We also worked with mental health charity Mind to discuss parenting where your children are perhaps older and their mental health needs taking into account, as well as your own. However, says Mind, “Many people worry that it will be difficult to cope with parenting if they experience mental health challenges. It is natural to be concerned about the impact this will have on you and your children. However, with the right support and resources, it is perfectly possible to be a good parent while managing your mental health challenges, and to care for and support your children in a positive way.”

In this issue we also follow the story of one reader who had to go through the pain of adoption, hear about another’s transgender journey, look at the latest on Universal Credit and discover the support now available through the Women’s Institute. Plus much more!

You can download a copy of issue six from the further information section at the bottom of this page, where you can also view copies of all previous issues.

If you have any questions then please e-mail us at SYMmagazine@CPFT.nhs.uk

Spring 2019 timetable and prospectus

Our registration days were held during January at both our college hubs, and our timetable and prospectus are now available online and can be downloaded via the links at the bottom of this page.

Although our registration days have now finished for this term we will still continue to accept enquiries and registrations, throughout the term, from anyone wishing to attend our courses.  We are happy for new students to visit the college prior to registering, as this provides an opportunity to meet the staff and tutors at the college, get a feel for the college environment and provides an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  It is essential however, that potential students telephone, or email, the college first to arrange a mutually convenient time for the visit.

Our registration form is available at the bottom of this page (in both Word and PDF formats for your convenience).  If you wish to register for our courses please complete and return it to us by e-mail to recoverycollegeeast@cpft.nhs.uk or alternatively post it to the appropriate recovery college address, listed at the bottom of this page.  We would also ask that NEW students also complete an Equal Opportunities Form and bring it with them when they first attend the college. 

Recovery College East News

Issue 5 of Speak Your Mind now available

Issue five of Speak Your Mind magazine is out now!

This January issue is a special issue that focuses on the concept of identity. People with health challenges can feel labelled by their symptoms or diagnosis and so we decided to investigate what really makes us who we are: that there are many things that make up our identity, not just a diagnosis!

Identity can mean something different to everyone, as Deputy Editor Danny Bowyer discovered in a project he carried out for this issue of Speak Your Mind. Six individuals were given the challenge to express what identity means to them. They were given no boundaries or guidelines – they could express themselves in whatever format worked best for them. The result is a wonderful collection of writing, poetry, artwork and more, all demonstrating the individuals’ take on identity, presented throughout this issue.

The issue also takes a look at the wellness tools, hobbies and challenges that people face/use that significantly affect who they are. For example, we address specific challenges faced by women, how class influences us, and how activities such as gardening and photography can affect our outlook. Writer and broadcaster Byron Vincent also speaks out about his mental health challenges and how he refuses to be defined by them.

You can download a copy of this issue from the further information section at the bottom of this page.

For any enquiries or to get involved e-mail symmagazine@cpft.nhs.uk

The Power of Language

Our new webpage provides an insight into 'The Power of Language' - the impact it can have on someone's recovery and resilience and how it affects stigma, particularly in connection with mental and physical health. Sharon Gilfoyle has written a very thought-provoking article entitled: 'Mind your language' (available to download from the Power of Language webpage) and we invite you to try the 'Mind your language' challenge for yourself.

We are also holding a workshop for CPFT Staff in the Spring Term 2019.  Please see the details on our new webpage and feel free to contact the Recovery College Team for more information or to book your place.

RCE features in national briefing paper

Recovery College East has featured in a national review of recovery colleges. Sharon Gilfoyle, Head of Recovery and Resilience,  contributed to a briefing paper entitled 'Recovery Colleges - 10 Years On' produced by  Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC). Endorsements from students at RCE are included such as “The Recovery College is ‘food for the soul’ and whenever I come to the College I feel nurtured, valued and energised! Thank you.”  Download the briefing paper below.



About Recovery College East

Recovery College East provides a collaborative, educational learning environment and aims to convey messages of hope, empowerment and opportunity to all.  It celebrates strengths and successes rather than highlighting deficits or problems.

Whether you want to develop new skills or increase your understanding of mental health challenges, you will find that the college is a relaxed, friendly place to learn, with lots of support on hand if you should need it.

Who can attend?

Recovery College East offers courses to:

  • Anyone over the age of 18 who has received, or is currently receiving, secondary services from CPFT
  • Their supporters (family, friends and loved ones)
  • CPFT staff, volunteers and students on placement
  • Staff and those who receive services from our co-production partner organisations.

There is no fee and no entry requirements, but people do need to register with the college before attending any courses.

How do I register to attend courses at the college?

Any person who wishes to attend courses at the college does not need to be referred.  However all students, both new or returning, need to register each term for the courses that are available throughout that term.  We publish the timetable and prospectus online during our registration week at the beginning of each term.  Students can choose to attend one of our registration day sessions at the start of a term or they can register later in the term by completing a registration form and sending it to the college.

Who runs the courses?

All courses are co-produced and co-delivered, involving at least one person with lived experience of mental health challenges. The college values the expertise gained from lived experience equally with that derived from professional training.

What sort of courses are available?

Courses vary in length from one-off workshops to those that take place weekly for a number of weeks. Courses currently on offer come under the headings: moving forward, the road to recovery, and developing knowledge and skills. The range of courses available each term will vary as the college responds to the demands of its students.

Where are the courses held?

The college has two hubs: one in Cambridge and one in Peterborough. See below for the addresses for each hub. We also occasionally run courses at various community and CPFT venues across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Is there a timetable and prospectus of courses?

Yes, we publish a Timetable and Prospectus at the beginning of each new term, during the week of our Registration Days. Our Spring 2019 Timetable and Prospectus will be at the colleges during our Registration Days and they will also be published online during the week commencing 
Monday 21 January 2019


Recovery Stories - our publication

Some of our Recovery College East students have been involved in the publication of this fantastic new book, Road to Recovery: Our Stories of Hope.

In the book, there are some inspirational stories describing the incredible journeys people have taken on their road to recovery. We've been truly humbled putting these stories together and we hope you can experience some of that inspiration when you read them.

You can download a free copy from the bottom of this page.  Alternatively, we now have printed versions available for you to buy that are just £5 each. If you'd like to buy a copy, you can send a cheque for £5 payable to Recovery College East to our Peterborough address at the bottom of this page, or you can pop into either of our colleges, in Cambridge or Peterborough, to buy one. (Addresses for the college sites are at the bottom of this page.) We hope you enjoy it! 

Please see the latest SROI report on the peer worker page here

Recovery College East Video

Students, partners and staff have put together this fantastic video about the college, talking about their experiences and what it means to them. Check it out below.

"Not once before or on the course were people asked about the label that is often attached to their psychiatric experiences or their medication. I was amazed and thrilled at this freeing experience. I could just be me, which gave me reassurance and strength to grow in myself and in my relationships with others."

Peer employment student

Contact us

Recovery College East (Peterborough)

Silver Birch
Gloucester Centre
Morpeth Close
Orton Longueville

T 01733 746660 or 01733 746662
E recoverycollegeeast@cpft.nhs.uk


Recovery College East (Cambridge)

128-130 Tenison Road

T 01223 227510
E recoverycollegeeast@cpft.nhs.uk

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