CPFT Academy

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Pre registration Students

We work collaboratively with our clinical workforce to provide comprehensive support, information and guidance to ensure we equip students with the tools and experiences in order to develop appropriate skills & knowledge, as outlined in the student assessment documentation, underpinned by the Standards for Learning & Assessment in Practice (SLAiP, NMC, 2008).

Mentors and Practice Educators

Registered staff who support students in practice are clinical professionals who have qualified as a Nurse or Allied Health Professional and are registered with their governing body (NMC or HCPC). They have taken on additional training in order to Mentor student nurses or are a registered Practice Educator for allied health professionals, eg, podiatry, OT, Physiotherapist, Speech and Language Therapist. All Mentors and Practice Educators undertake responsibility for assessing students in practice, and play a vital part in contributing to the future of the registered workforce. Mentors and Educators do not receive additional pay or time allocated to undertake this role, the Trust recognises the significant contribution staff make to the future of the organisation and NHS. All Mentors must attend a yearly mentor update and submit a 3 yearly triennial review. All Practice Educators must attend updates, which currently do not have specified time intervals. 

People who can support you whilst placed in CPFT

In addition to your named Mentor/Practice Educator there are additional people who can support you whilst in CPFT and can be viewed via the CPFT Academy site.

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