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What young people say about CASUS

"I started smoking weed when I was about 13. I just started smoking it with friends and over the years it just got worse. I used to spend all my money on it as I was paranoid and hated being around people. Now I've started seeing CASUS, I've started going out most nights and I've also been buying clothes and not weed. I've cut down a lot and I've even gone two days without weed, for the first time in ages. In my sessions with my keyworker she asked me to write down how I feel before I smoked a joint. That really helped me because I realised I don't really want or need it."

"Very professional but still casual. We formed plans that were suited for me to deal with my problems."

"Friendly, helpful staff. They’re proactive and don’t judge you for use of drugs."

"Completely confidential, easy to talk to and trust."

"CASUS have shown and given me constant support through my up and downs in use of narcotics. What we plan out together to help me is always explained in a way I can use it to help."

"My worker seemed to really understand my problems, and has helped me to get support at school, and to be able to cope and not do what I was doing."

"My keyworker helps me a lot, I feel I can talk to her about any of my problems and she doesn’t judge me. She talks to me and helps me feel better."

"My keyworker is helpful and understanding and I really progressed whilst seeing CASUS."

"Good advice from all perspectives to help understand the situations of others."

"Always respectful and open."

"It’s been great support – I feel CASUS ‘get me’ – there are some therapists in other teams I’ve seen that don’t understand you completely but CASUS are really good at seeing other people’s problems for what they are."

"Really good, very helpful and everyone is so understanding."

"I am listened to, and the advice I receive is brilliant."

"It is nice to be able to speak openly to someone about smoking weed without getting into any trouble. I also know a lot more of the risks that cannabis can cause."

"You’ve helped me through a lot. Just the small things too. Sympathetic and helpful."

"Benefited me a lot, and I can talk to someone I trust."

"Always there to help and advise me. They help me to understand my mum."

 "Very respectful and always treat me like an equal, not so much a patient, which is really good."

"Brilliant service, have turned my life around and helped me to accomplish things that I wouldn't have if I hadn't had their help."

In response to the question, 'What could this team do better?" a young person responded: "Remember how I like my coffee!"

What parents say about CASUS

"I contacted CASUS because I felt so alone with the issues my teenage son was presenting me with at home. The issues are not always easy to talk to friends about. His Cannabis use was daily and heavy and he had dropped out of college and jobs. His behaviour was difficult to deal with, the mood swings, aggression, lack of co-operation and lack of communication meant I had reached a real low point. At CASUS I found I was offered the time to talk to someone who knew about drugs and their effects and understood the need to think ahead and plan strategies to deal with situations that arose. The drug situation worsened, during the time I was being seen, with police involvement and the support and knowledge of the key worker I was involved with was very beneficial. I was able to make changes within the home and the relationship with my son has also improved. I have found the help very valuable and would encourage other parents faced with issues around drug use to access the support. Thanks again."

"This is the only team involved in my son's care which really give 100% - they appear to go above and beyond. In every step, they listen and inform me of any change or any plans in my son's care. As a mother, CASUS have been excellent, and I have not had any concerns with the care my son or us as a family have received from them. Many thanks."

"CASUS has been working on and off with my daughter for a couple of years now to help her with substance use issues, low self esteem and anxiety. This has been of tremendous benefit to my daughter and also my family. Without her keyworker’s help over the last 2 years, I am certain that my daughter would not be the person she is today. My daughter struggles with substance abuse and I know her continued work with CASUS enables her to keep things under control and to have a greater understanding. I have also noticed that she is making more considered decisions for herself and whilst she does not talk to me or the family, I know that she is sharing things with her keyworker, which is enabling her to be more independent and to make better decisions concerning her future. My daughter’s keyworker has also been a big support to myself. There have been many times when I have just not known what to do with regard to my daughter, my only comfort was that I knew that she was in contact with her keyworker and whilst she would not engage with myself or the family, I was aware that she was a receiving good advice from her keyworker and she had someone to turn to. She was not alone. This has got me through the last couple of years as I have had great concerns at times about her behaviour and state of mind. To sum up, CASUS has made and continues to make a real difference to our lives. I would like to thank my daughter’s keyworker for everything she has done and continues to do for my daughter and my family."

"Empathy, consistency, good sharing of information, skilled practitioners, good education, containing. My son likes his keyworker: trust is high."

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