CASUS is a confidential service

This means that nearly everything that you tell us will remain between you and the team. This is because your treatment with us is your private business and it should be up to you who knows about it. When we first meet with you we will go through this policy with you and complete a form about what you want. It will have the names of all the people involved with providing help and support to you and tell us if you do or don’t want us share information with them, and what kind of information we can share. You can change your mind about this at any time during your treatment with the team.

Sometimes we might think it would be helpful to you for us to share information with other people, if this is the case we will talk to you about it and will only go ahead with your permission.

When we have to break confidentiality

Very rarely we have no choice about sharing information. These exceptions are:

  • If we believe you or another person is at risk of significant harm
  • There is a court order for us to do so

If this happens, wherever possible, we will let you know what we are going to share, who we are going to share it with, and what might happen as a result.

Confidentiality and your child

Sometimes young people tell us things that they are not happy for us to share with their parents/carers. The law considers 16-17 year olds to be adults in terms of rights to confidentiality. Under-16-year-olds also have this right, as long as we consider them capable of understanding and making decisions around their treatment and confidentiality.

However, where appropriate, we will normally encourage young people to involve their parents/carers in their treatment.

Further information

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