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During term-time, The Croft's day is divided into two: the day programme (from 9.30am to 3.30pm) and the residential programme (3.30pm onwards). In school holidays we work slightly differently with what is known as the holiday programme. If you are considering an admission to The Croft we will discuss with you whether it best suits your child's needs to be at The Croft in term time, in holiday time or a mixture of both.

Children's Day Programme (during term time)
On weekdays, the day programme runs from 9am to 3.30pm. It is designed to mirror a child's day at school in that they have the opportunity to be separate from their parents and to be involved in structured activities with other children. The children spend the morning in the unit school and the afternoon in therapeutic groups. In addition, the child and their family may be involved in family therapy meetings and individual assessments and therapy. Please see the Children's Weekly Timetable below in 'more information'. 

Parent's Day Programme (during term time)
On weekdays, there are a number of groups for parents to attend, e.g. mellow parenting, drama therapy group, coffee group and housekeeping meeting. In addition to these, parents will have scheduled therapy and appointments arranged around the timetable. In between these scheduled meetings, you will have free time to use as you wish, for example some parents catch up with work, go for a walk or go shopping. Please see the weekly Parents' Timetable below in 'more information'. 

Families Residential Programme 
Outside the day programme (after 3.30pm) the children are returned to the care and supervision of their parents. Parents work closely with nursing staff during these periods to think about and work on difficulties the family have been struggling with at home. Parents are encouraged to set goals with the nursing staff about changes they want to make and transfer to the home situation. Typical examples are: managing aggressive behaviour, improving meal times and tackling eating problems, addressing bedtime and sleeping problems, making family relationships more enjoyable.

Holiday Day Programme
During school holidays the usual day programme is suspended and children are under the supervision of their parents, just as they are in the residential programme. The holiday programme provides an opportunity to work on family relationships and difficulties and to bring more enjoyment to family life. Staff organise activities for the whole family. Typically there are activity groups in the morning and the afternoon, with children and parents taking part in cookery, art, drama and music classes, football and other sports and occasional off site events. We also continue to run the 'mellow parenting' sessions to help with behaviour management and the housekeeping group.  

Further information

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