Who Does What?


The Croft has a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, health care assistants, psychologists, family therapists, music therapists, drama therapist, teaching staff and a social worker. We also have three administrators  and a housekeeper.

Ward Manager

The Ward manager is responsible for the overall management of the Croft, in consultation with senior colleagues.  

Nursing Team

The Nursing team consists of Nurses and Health Care Assistants, who together form the largest staff group at the Croft. They provide much of the day to day care for you, and it is this team who you have most contact with.


Our Housekeeper oversees maintenance issues on the ward, as well as ordering and organising the provision of meals and laundry. 


We have a Consultant Psychiatrist who has overall responsibility for your care and will make decisions about your care and treatment with you, your family and other professionals. We also have a Paediatrician who works alongside the Consultant and MDT members. They are responsible for looking after your physical health, as well as monitoring your mental well-being. 

Clinical Psychologist

The role of the clinical psychologist is to apply psychological theory to the assessment and management of children and families referred to The Croft.

Family Therapist

Family therapy is an approach that tries to understand how your difficulties connect with the people in your life. These can include your parents, carers, siblings, wider family, friends and professionals (for example from your school). We try together to understand the ways in which these relationships are connected, and we need your help as well. Family therapy at the Croft usually happens once a week, and we will start meeting with your parents or carers, and then include you, your siblings, wider family members, or any other people that are important to your family.


Hello, I am the Dramatherapist here at the Croft. I see parents and children to help think about what might make things feel better for you. For some people dramatherapy sounds worrying, because they do not like the drama part, but it is not as scary as it might sound! Basically, it is a time where we do different activities and can play together. I will sometimes see you on your own and sometimes I might see you with one or both of your parents. Dramatherapy can help with anything you might be worried about, but it can also help if you have no idea why you are feeling and behaving the way that you are.  

Music Therapist

The music room offers a wide variety of musical instruments for children at the Croft to play, explore and express themselves with. The music therapist runs individual/family and group sessions at The Croft. Music therapy enables you to have fun and express yourself with others or with the music therapist. Sessions also give opportunities to explore difficult feelings and experiences that might not be easy to put into words. The music group is a group for you and the other children to play and have fun together, share feelings, and explore relating with one another.

Art Therapist

The art therapist at The Croft can have a session with you on your own or with your parent/carer. Or you might join a group where we use art-making to think about ourselves - our achievements, feelings or worries. In art therapy you don’t have to be good at art  – everyone can play and experiment with art materials. Your work is valuable as a way of expressing your ideas, and who you are.  You can decide what materials you like to use, and what you want to make with them. The art therapist will support you and may ask you about what you’re making. Art therapy is great for children who don’t like using words to say things about themselves. 


The teaching staff are committed to reengaging you with your education and keeping you up to date with your mainstream school work as far as possible. 

Social Worker

Our Social worker works with our young people in thinking about transitions and what additional support might help at home for both the young person and parent/carer.

Head of Patient and Parent Involvement (HOPPI)

The HOPPI seeks constant feedback on parent/carer and patient experience, to give you a voice and to help the service develop. 

Administrative team

The admin team play an important role in helping the effective and smooth running of the service. 


The advocate will listen to the views being expressed by all young people to make sure that important issues are raised with the staff team at the Croft.

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