Do you want to help reduce inequality and contribute to the wellbeing of others? Would you like to develop new skills and improve your own sense of wellbeing? Do you have any time to spare, even a couple of hours a week?

Why volunteer with CPFT?

Volunteering at CPFT provides a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in both mental and physical health, using your skills and passions to enhance the well-being of those using our services. We have a range of opportunities from administration to hands-on befriender roles in both inpatient and community settings. Volunteers are highly valued members of the teams they work within and provide an invaluable service.

You can view what volunteering roles we currently have at CPFT here. (currently being updated)

You can apply to become a volunteer by downloading our application form below.

We'd also love to hear from those of you who are or have volunteered for us. Please use our feedback form below.

What can I expect once I have sent in my application form?

Once we have received your application form the Voluntary Services Manager will get in touch with you to arrange an informal interview to discuss the role you have applied for and to learn a little more about you and why you would like to volunteer with us. Following this interview we will require a few pieces of paperwork and training to be completed; these are here to ensure the safety of you, our staff and our patients. It is not just volunteers who need to complete these; all CPFT staff are required to complete this process as part of their role.

As a service we require the following:

  • A DBS certificate (previously CRB) – DBS certificates from other establishments cannot be accepted; we require a certificate from CPFT dated within the past year. If you do not have this we will ask you to bring in 3 pieces of original ID along with a photocopy to your interview to allow us to apply for a certificate, a list of acceptable ID can be downloaded here. Alternatively you can sign up to the DBS update service which we do accept although  unfortunately we cannot fund at this time, for more information on the update service click here.
  • Occupational health clearance – following your interview we will send you the relevant occupational health forms.
  • Two references
  • E-Learning modules to be completed – E-Learning consists of a number of online modules around patient care and safety and good practice in the NHS, these are mandatory for all working in the NHS.
  • Breakaway training completed (if relevant to your role) – this is a practical, classroom-based training course lasting about three hours that teaches you physical ways to keep yourself and those around you safe.

For more information, please do get in touch (details below). You can also download our welcome document (below), which describes these steps in more depth.

Voluntary Services Team

The Cavell Centre, Bretton Green, Peterborough, PE3 9GZ
T  01733 776057 / 07970650374

Your feedback on "what volunteering has meant for me"

"When I first started volunteering I was nervous as to how I would feel returning to where I had spent time in my early 20s. I have to say I was very surprised at what volunteering has given me. I am so happy when I am on the ward talking to people who quite often are suffering with the same thoughts and problems that I faced many years ago. I really feel just sitting and listening to someone and being understanding can make a big difference to them. Also seeing patients when they first arrive in troubled times and seeing the difference one or two weeks later makes me smile. Knowing they are moving forward hopefully to happier times. Since starting volunteering I feel more determined to talk more and also address a few things maybe I had buried. Without volunteering I don't think I would be doing this. I have a great feeling when I leave, even if I have only managed to spend time with one person I'm hoping I've helped just by listening!"
Mulberry volunteer

"Mulberry had four volunteers working each week. Each person brings a willingness to give up their time for the benefit of others. Some run or take part in group activities and others spend time talking and listening to patients or accompanying them on walks or shopping. The benefits are quite clear; volunteers are viewed as neutral and not having an agenda. They help by encouraging, listening and talking to people about everyday subjects, distracting patients from their symptoms and worries. My aim is to have more volunteers on the ward to ensure that patients benefit from their skills every day all day.
Mulberry staff member

"My name is Max. I volunteer for CPFT. I have been volunteering for seven weeks as a volunteer befriender. I enjoy the role as it enables me to help and encourage people that are suffering from similar problems that I suffered in the past. I have only been with the ward for a short length of time but I have been a volunteer for maybe nine years now. I started volunteering for a charity shop when I came out of rehab for mental difficulties. This enabled me space and the opportunity to grow strength again at my own pace. Many years later I have become stronger and have needed a change in my work. I want to work in care of others, but have found finding paid work very difficult. Along with this I started to suffer with low feelings about myself as a result of doing the same things for so long and not having the opportunity to challenge myself a bit more. Now I am volunteering for CPFT on a Tuesday morning. Lots of these low feelings have now gone and I am really enjoying my new voluntary posts. Befriending seems to be a two way process that’s very rewarding. I’m also very happy to be working in a way that I would love to be working in a real paid job so I gain all the positive thoughts that come with that also. My new post is very helpful for me and I hope for others too. I am very grateful for the opportunity." 

"I’m very much enjoying the volunteering at the Croft. So far I’ve been working on the Croft website and a new brochure for professionals as well as various other admin tasks which the team has given me. Everyone here has been very friendly and helpful, making it a very enjoyable volunteering experience."
Croft volunteer

"I want to thank you for your help and support with finding a volunteer administrator for the Cameo North Team. Our volunteer works each Monday and Friday from 10am and 3pm and she is invaluable to our team. Although she is still learning the ropes, she is extremely keen to learn and will turn her hand to anything. At the same time, she is very friendly and polite, supportive and reliable and she is a great colleague to work with. I can already see that she is going to be a very successful administrator and we feel so lucky and grateful that she is volunteering her time at Cameo. Thank you again and I really hope that CPFT can continue to raise the profile of the Volunteer Service as I think it’s fantastic!"
Cameo North staff member






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