Leaderboards updated 5 October 2018 - showing total step counts up to 00:00 on Sunday 30 September 2018. 

This is it - the final leaderboards! Huge congratulations to everyone for some fabulous stepping this year. Hopefully you have all seen the benefits of an active month too, it really does make a big difference to get moving! We've loved September and hope you all have too.

We can't say it enough, THANK YOU! Thank you for taking part and for raising an amazing £1,327.00 to support CPFT staff's health and wellbeing. Helping us to provide even better care and treatment for people with mental health and long-term physical health challenges.

The top steppers for each challenge are:

Two Million Steps team challenge (walking): Scrambled Legs and Achin'
Two Million Steps team challenge (off piste): Oldies
Two Million Steps team member (walking): Richard Hanlon, Scrambled Legs and Achin'
Two Million Steps team member (off piste): John Marham, Oldies

20,000 steps individual stepper (walking): Lesley Steward
10,000 steps individual stepper (walking): Natalie Sutton
5,000 steps individual stepper (walking): Andréa Grosbois

10,000 steps individual stepper (off piste): Jennie Lightfoot
5,000 steps individual stepper (off piste): Kimberley Iyemere

Individual steppers

Individual Steppers and team members - walking only

5,000 steps 10,000 steps 20,000 steps Team challenge
249,261 Andréa Grosbois 451,409 Natalie Sutton 404,815 Lesley Steward 632,343 Richard Hanlon 
194,664  Katherine Fitton  345,752  Alison Turnock  182,311 Emma Graves 481,097  Andrew Risdale 
157,883  Lucy Irwin  338,977  Vicky Abraham      480,350  Charlotte Fiske 
    246,784  Lesley McKeane      427,982  Jan Thulborn 
    151,695  Mark Cole      417,650  Sue Holland 
            415,969  Chloe Rayner 
            380,710  Olivia Waghorn 
            370,990  Charlie Gale 
            336,436  Alison Wool 
            307,372  Stellamarie Ajoku 
            304,913  Louise Sparks 
            303,200  Dawn Stewart 
            234,762 Moonira Mojoo
            229,095 Ed Daniels
            215,101 Claire Overall

Individual Steppers - "off piste"

5,000 steps 10,000 steps Team challenge
205,293  Kimberley Iyemere  395,483  Jennie Lightfoot  971,788  John Marham 
    343,206 Keith Grimwade 834,171  Keeley Harper 
    310,013 Claudia Price 781,587  Lee 
    142,461 Laura Pellegrini 648,371  Paula Loades 
    105,703 Elena Derbyshire 637,237  Anne Merricks 
    59,683 Louise Stimson 604,305  Jean-Louis Ayivor 
        593,817  Jules MacKenzie 
        591,593 Russell Clarke
        587,202 Caren Wannerton
        553,053 Lisandra
        536,568 Janine Moore
        526,805 Liz Lingley
        514,922 Holly
        499,573 Rowena Harvey
        495,188 Pamela Peters
        490,243 Pat Phillips
        473,232 Eddi Paul
        419,318 Luke Brown
        400,088 Adam Potter
        385,928 Lloyd Dennis
        382,225 Kaeron Dodson
        381,353 Anna Bondare
        353,578 Lauren
        336,066 Ges Gregory
        326,500 Sandra Burridge
        323,463 Sophie Reader
        321,831 Tamsin Hartles
        302,661 Romayne Kelly
        301,403 Lynn
        295,898 Loraine Cuff
        282,919 Faye Dunning
        279,181 Sharon Bishop
        263,200 Amanda
        261,162 Nina Kaur
        260,380 Emma
        259,568 Jodie Hills
        256,433 Jorge
        253,860 James
        250,183 Jane
        249,862 Jaime Neeve
        245,998 Anna Searle
        243,883 Simon
        239,115 Tamara
        235,463 Leanne Brown
        235,300 Abi
        231,042 Mark Harris
        228,837 Anne
        226,425 Laura
        224,738 Dave Ric
        222,837 Ian Morris
        217,988 Sophie Broughton
        207,133 Beth
        199,400 Michaela
        176,629 Chris
        158,295 Sarah Coles
        154,539 Lorraine Azmi
        140,749 Sue
        132,782 Sophie
        128,582 Sharmaine Smith
        117,201 Jenny
        112,705 Nabila Qureshi
        109,500 Shamreen Bi
        88,514 Siobhan
        88,334 Flora Johnson
        79,671 Loren Edwards
        78,346 Ade
        62,798 Robbie
        60,852 Tendayi Guzha
        31,050 Angie Grannell

Team Steppers

Team steppers - walking only

Teams Team members
2,380,749  Scrambled Legs and Achin' Richard Hanlon, Charlotte Fiske, Chloe Rayner, Andrew Ridsdale and Charlie Gale
1,810,970 Sassy Swanettes Kim Smith, Caroline Thomas, Kylie Buffham, Nina Morley and Claire Parkin
1,645,900 Better Foot Forward Jan Thulborn, Olivia Waghorn, Louise Sparks, Dawn Stewart and Ed Daniels
1,601,103 Walking Warriors Stacey Quirke, Janine Gordon, Genevieve Hughes and Bridie Shaw
1,511,321 Doddington Dawdlers Sue Holland, Alison Wool, Claire Overall, Moonira Mojoo and Stellamarie Ajoku
1,382,808 Health Visiting Heroes Ann Chadwick, Dawn Bray, Claire Creamer and Liz Doidge

Team steppers - "off piste"

Teams Team members
3,114,058  Oldies  Pat Phillips, Caren Wannerton, Russell Clarke, Eddi Paul and John Marham 
2,970,989 Sole Mates Pam Peters, Anne Merricks, Adam Potter, Jean-Louis Ayivor and Keeley Harper
2,949,032 Gryffindor Tim Simmance, Debbie Morgan, Fay Gilder, Shalini Chandran and Jenny Swindel
2,911,417 Hufflepuff Ewen Cameron, Helen Balsdon, Graham Johnston, Lisa Thake and Leah Pearson
2,645,167 Liaison Psychiatry Older People Team Rowan Simpson, Annabel Price, Pranathi Ramachandra, Leonidas Chouliaras and Alison Wilkinson
2,004,865 We Thought They Said Rum! Kaeron Dodson, Liz Lingley, Ian Morris, Sharon Bishop and Jules MacKenzie
1,863,538 Creative Ladies Janine Moore, Rowena Harvey, Tamsin Hartles, Jodie Hills and Anna Searle
1,708,923 Here Come The Hot Steppers Debbie Rice, Jackie Walker, Sarah Russell, Eva Rokita-Warzecha and Lynn Karlsson
1,503,741 Hot Steppers Sandra Burridge, Sophie Reader, Sophie Broughton, Jaime Neeve and Lloyd Dennis
1,489,964 The Luke Skywalkers Holly, Lauren, Emma, Simon and Jenny
1,484,784 Legs Miserables Beth, Lisandra, Tamara, Abi and Jane
1,385,876 Red Hot Chilli Steppers Leanne Brown, Mark Harris, Paula Loades, Sarah Coles and Nabila Qureshi
1,125,076 The Red Hot Chilli Steppers Siobhan, Lee, Ade, Chris and Lorraine
1,055,897  Team Thunder  Angie Grannell, Nina Kaur, Loren Edwards, Anna Bondare and Romayne Kelly
1,028,653 The Walking Dead Luke Brown, Faye Dunning, Shamreen Bi, Flora Johnson and Sharmaine Smith
917,043 Cirque de Sore Legs Jorge, Lynn, Sophie, Nareema and Laura
808,695 Sole Survivors Amanda, Kathrin, Anne, James and Robbie
564,887 Not Fast and Only Slightly Furious Karen, Michaela, Darren, Sue and Dave
458,891 The Fab Five Step Up Janet Beveridge, Katrina Saunders, Jane Sansom, Angela Hayes and Amy Blakeley
396,918 CAMHS - Team 1 Tendayi Guzha, Alex Longmore, Anna Bettles, Ges Gregory and Jade Payne
324,713 CAMHS - Team 2 Leila Rea, Liz Gray, Lorraine Azmi, Loraine Cuff and Oliver Ayers

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