Monitoring progress

As a service, we monitor the effectiveness of the treatments we deliver and the progress of patients. We do this by collecting information during your treatment appointments as well as asking you to complete a number of questionnaires at various points through your journey with NCEDS – usually at assessment, start of treatment, midway through treatment, at the end of treatment and during follow up appointments. Questionnaires include questions asking about eating disorder symptoms, self-esteem, psychological well-being and quality of life.

Recovery rates

NCEDS offers the treatments recommended by NICE that have been shown to be effective in producing change. Whilst not all treatments are effective for everybody, the majority of people can and do make positive progress. This may range from experiencing a reduction in symptoms to being totally symptom free at the end of treatment. 

At NCEDS, we are keen to monitor the progress of our patients and ensure that we are delivering high quality, effective treatment. You can see the progress of those patients who have completed treatment with NCEDS since 2011 below.


 AED NCEDS Pie Chart









Treatment outcomes

86% of patients who complete treatment achieve a significant reduction in their symptoms (such as reducing the number of binge eating incidents, self-induced vomiting or hours of exercise), a healthier weight and / or improve their quality of life as a result of reducing their symptoms. Approximately half of these patients achieved full recovery defined as being symptom free, maintaining a healthy body weight and no longer experiencing a negative impact on their quality of life because of eating disorder symptoms. 

Patients receiving treatment with NCEDS achieve similar levels of progress and outcomes as those patients receiving treatment from other high quality national services, as well as those in treatment trials.

To read personal stories of patients who are in recovery, please click here.

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