MSK Podiatry (Biomechanics): for patients with foot pain or deformity. We hold biomechanical assessment clinics at Huntingdon, Peterborough, Ely, Doddington and Cambridge  to assist in the evaluation and short-term treatment of musculoskeletal imbalance, to enhance mobility, reduce pain and limit potential future complications.

Biomechanics is the assessment of feet and lower limbs in order to understand how well your feet and lower limbs function. The podiatrist will undertake a gait analysis, looking at the way you walk, in order to identify links between any symptoms you may have and the position and function of your feet and lower limbs.  They will also examine the structures of your feet and lower limb in order to identify the problem area involved.

The podiatrist will take a detailed full medical history, assess the problematic area and look at how you walk. You will need to wear clothes such as shorts, loose fitting trousers or a skirt that will roll up over your knees so they can assess from the knee down. They will also need to look at a range of your regular shoes worn for work and leisure as part of the assessment. 

What treatments are given?

The podiatrist will work with you to agree an effective treatment plan which will provide advice on footwear, supportive exercise, and the use of aids such as insoles, splints or strapping. It may also be necessary to consider onward referral for further diagnostics, additional therapy (such as laser or steroid therapy) or surgery assessment. Some conditions may also require referral to physiotherapy, pain management or for bespoke footwear or ankle/foot orthoses. If your treatment recommends prescribed orthotics, it is essential that these are worn in appropriate supportive footwear in order for them to be effective. 

Heel pain clinic

Monthly clinics are held at a number of locations for patients suffering from heel pain. This is an opportunity for clinicians to outline the symptoms, most common conditions and the best treatments for patients to self-manage in the first instance. 

Chesterton Medical Centre, Cambridge
City Health Clinic, Peterborough
Doddington Hospital
Dumbleton Medical Centre, St Neots
Oak Tree Health Centre, Huntingdon


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