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Welcome to our self help video series offering advice and support from psychological therapists inCPFT.  Please note when you click on the links, you will be redirected to the CPFT YouTube pages.  Please find the accompanying workbook for this episode in the Further Information section below




Living and Coping with Worry, Anxiety and Depression - Episode 1 Introduction




Living and Coping with Worry, Anxiety and Depression - Episode 2 Getting Started



Managing Anxiety Series: 

Episode 3: Part 1 Helpful and Unhelpful Worry

Episode 3: Part 2 Checking Facts and Hypervigilance

Episode 3: Part 3 Problem Solving

Episode 3: Part 4 Worry Time

Episode 3: Part 5 Thought Records

Episode 3: Part 6 Distraction

Episode 3: Part 7 Defusion

Episode 3: Part 8 Mindfulness


Managing Depression Series:

Episode 4: Part 1: What is Depression?

Episode 4: Part 2 The Depression Cycle

Episode 4: Part 3 Behavioural Activation

Episode 4: Part 4 Values Based Activities

Episode 4: Part 5: Social Connections

Episode 4: Part 6: SMART Goals

Episode 4: Part 7: Shifting Depressive Thinking

Episode 4: Part 8: Being Kind to Yourself


Coping with Relationships

Episode 5: Part 1: What to do if you are others are being abused

Episode 5: Part 2: Introduction to Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Episode 5: Part 3: DEAR MAN

Episode 5: Part 4: Give Skill

Episode 5: Part 5: FAST Skill

Episode 5: Part 6 Deciding how much to push

Episode 5: Part 7 Finding and getting on with others

Episode 5: Part 8: Ending Destructive Relationships


Managing Sleep Difficulties Series:

Episode 6: Part 1 Understanding Sleep Difficulties

Episode 6: Part 2 Routines and Sleep Hygiene

Episode 6: Part 3 Part 3 Managing Nightmares

Episode 6: Part 4 Thoughts About Sleep


These downloadable workbooks included tables and information sheets that are described in the videos.  Using the workbooks alongside the videos means you can try out some of the skill and strategies to see if they are helpful for you

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