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The Psychological Wellbeing Service have added virtual reality (VR) to our digital therapies’ library.  This is state-of-the-art technology is currently being used for treatment of Height Phobia. We have partnered with a company called 'Oxford VR' to bring this ground-breaking technology into the service. VR treatment is based on a computer-generated environment which creates powerful simulations of real-life scenarios that trigger similar psychological and physiological responses as experienced by patients when distressed i.e. the mind and body behave as if it were real. Therefore, the lessons learned in VR are transferable to everyday life situations.





VR treatment adopts evidence based Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) principles and uses a virtual coach or life-like avatar to enable the therapy process. This VR’s automated approach allows you to try things that you would normally avoid with confidence, in a safe environment as situations are not real. VR treatments can be undertaken over several weeks of 30-minute sessions at a time, or in some cases in short sessions such as half a day intensive session. This technology complements face-to-face therapy, helping to share therapeutic workload and facilitating a large increase in the number of patients who can be treated. Studies have demonstrated VR’s extraordinary potential to deliver rapid, lasting improvements in psychological health.


The Psychological Wellbeing Service VR clinic is based at Newtown Centre, Huntingdon.


Click HERE to find out more about Oxford VR and the fear of heights treatment. 


To watch a video on VR, click on the video below: 




Please specify 'VR treatment' on your self referral under the question 

'Please provide a brief description of your problem, including detail of any previous or current mental health problems:'

 To watch a piece of BBC Breakfast on this pioneering treatment shown on 21st May 2019 click on the link below:


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