MST in Northamptonshire provides young people, aged 11-17 years and their families, with intensive therapy and support for three to five months with the aim of reducing the risks of the young person entering into care or custody, and provides support to help the young person and their family cope better.

How can this service help you?

By working with young people, their parents or guardians and the wider system around them, such as children's social care, the youth offending service and child and adolescent mental health services, we can help to:

  • reduce anti-social behaviours
  • improve family communication and functioning
  • support the young person with school engagement
  • support the young person to engage with positive role models

After talking about the reason for referral, and what the family wants to achieve from the treatment, together we will devise a number of goals to work on and these goals will be the focus of the interventions for about three to five months. 

MST will work to understand the factors that let to the referral behaviours and support parents/carers to devise plans to address these factors. This often involves parents and carers establishing rules and boundaries with rewards and consequences establishing monitoring plans, increasing pro-social activities for their children and changing family dynamics. Our ultimate goal is to empower parents and carers with the skills and resources needed to make positive changes in behaviour. We hope these skills will mean changes can be maintained and built on once the MST intervention ends.

The MST worker will aim to link parents with other systems in their child's life such as school, social services and social clubs so that there is effective communication, and plans can be put in place with everyone involved to meet the family's goals.

MST will also work with parents and carers to identify individuals in their own community who can support them to implement plans and/or be an active part of delivering those plans. This support will remain in place once the MST intervention has finished. 

Facilities available 

We operate on a home and community basis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year which means there is always someone families can contact with any concerns. All of our visits will be to families and young people in their home or in a community setting (such as school).

How do I access this service?

We accept referrals for young people and their families living in Northamptonshire and meeting our criteria.
Referrals are usually received from children's social care, the youth offending service or child and adolescent mental health services.
We do not accept direct referrals from GPs.

How do I refer to MST Northamptonshire?

Referrals are usually received from children's social care, the youth offending service or child and adolescent mental health services.
The MST referral is available on request from the MST Team (see below)
Urgent referrals: Contact the MST supervisor directly (see below).

Criteria for referral

Our main criteria for accepting and prioritising referrals are that the young person is:

  • aged 11 - 17 years old (our priority is 13 - 16 years old)
  • at imminent risk of out of home placement because of criminal offences such as criminal damage, threatening behaviour, violence against the person or public order offences
  • at risk of entering care/residential school (other than because of developmental delays)
  • physically aggressive at home, at school or in the community
  • verbally aggressive, or making verbal threats of harm to others
  • under a charge due to substance misuse
  • abusing substance(s) that is contributing to exclusion from school, an impending Court case, or behavioural problems
  • subject to, or likely to be subject to, a child protection plan

We also work with younger children who have an older teenager offending sibling living in the same home.

We do not accept referrals for young people:

  • living independently, or for whom a primary care giver cannot be identified, despite extensive efforts to locate all extended family, adult friends and other potential surrogate care givers
  • referred primarily due to concerns related to recent suicidal, homicidal or psychotic behaviours
  • with sexual offences (sex offending in the absence of other delinquent or anti social behaviour)
  • with pervasive developmental delays
  • in care where permanent care is the plan
  • who have yet to access appropriate services targeted at a lower level of need

Contact the MST Northamptonshire team

Sonia Belson
MST Supervisor
MST Northamptonshire North
William Knibb Centre
Alfred Street
NN16 0SW 

T 07850 854333

Dr Andrew Maleknia
MST Supervisor
MST Northamptonshire South
Northamptonshire County Council
One Angel Square
Angel Street
Northampton NN1 1ED

M 07734 983098

MST Business Support

South team:
Krystina Watson
M 07887 931 654

North team:
Claire Bowler
M 07736 638485

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