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Where your money goes

Working across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, we invest in charitable projects that our NHS staff and patients tell us they need.


Thanks to your support we've recently funded the following projects:

  • Wipe clean riser chair for the ICU Peterborough, assisting the physical rehabilitation of patients. This equipment will enable patients to practice using the chair with the aim to get patients home quicker.

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) books to expand the library for staff, diversity champions and students at the recovery college. Helping to spread the EDI message across the organization.

  • Hand held fans for the cardiac team which are for patients to support them to manage their condition in their own home.

  • Bowling event for adults with mental health conditions with the Huntingdonshire Adult Locality Team to help build friendships and confidence.

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What we do

Hospital to home and in between

Across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough our intermediate care and rehabilitation wards provide an important step in helping a patient’s recovery, between leaving emergency hospital care and returning home. They offer more closely monitored support that also focuses on getting people used to routine and back into their community.

These wards have adapted brilliantly to the pressures of the pandemic, tackling the challenges head on, creating Covid has been very challenging on these wards as restrictions on visitors and staff members in full protective equipment has made them feel more clinical than rehabilitation. Head to Toe with support of Amazon Cambridge have funded televisions, newspapers, and magazines throughout the pandemic to help provide some of the creature comfort items that help people feel at home.  

Lynn Hayfield, who has been co-ordinating the Head to Toe grants on the Cambridge Rehabilitation Unit at Brookfield Hospital says: “This support from Head to Toe has been amazing for our patients - it has lifted spirits, and some have even said it’s like being on their holidays. The simple act of having today’s paper to go with their breakfast has meant the world to many of the people we care for.

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