Board of Directors

The CPFT Board of Directors is made up of executive and non-executive directors, led by a non-executive chair. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Trust is accountable to the public for the services it manages.

You can view some information on each of our Executive Directors' portfolios on this page: Executive Director portfolios

Details of the Board of Directors' meetings can be found ont the right hand side of this page, along with copies of our Constitution, Gifts and Hospitality Register and Register of Interests.

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Penny Snowden, Chief Nurse

Penny Snowden, Chief Nurse

Penny began her 30-year career with the NHS in Leicester as a registered nurse and after spells in London and Cambridge – where she gained experience in both in-patient and community midwifery - she became Head of Midwifery at the former Peterborough District Hospital in 2009.

In 2014 she became Deputy Chief Nurse at Kettering General Hospital before moving to United Lincolnshire Hospitals as Deputy Chief Nurse, gaining experience in managing children’s community services. Penny was also a Deputy Chief Nurse with the Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership leading the women’s and children’s transformation agenda. 

She was appointed North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust’s Deputy Chief Nurse in 2020 and was promoted to her previous role last year.

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