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Research magnifying glass buttonYou can find out more about the research we support at CPFT by reading our blog, news, newsletters and publications, as well as following @CPFT_Research on Twitter.

Learn more about clinical research and how it is conducted with the NHS

Here are some useful links to other national resources to learn more:

  • National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) – The Patients carers and the public pages of the NIHR website have very useful information about clinical research and how people can get involved. The Real life stories page contains case studies of people talking about their experiences of participating in research. This gives you a better understanding of what clinical research involves and how people can benefit.

  • Free onine course: What is health research – Anyone can register and complete this free online course to learn more about health research.
  • UK Clinical Research Collaboration - UKCRC has developed two leaflets for patients and the public which provide information on clinical trials.

  • The leaflet Clinical Trials: What they are and what they’re not answers some of the key questions people have about why and how clinical trials are carried out.

  • The booklet Understanding Clinical Trials provides more detailed information about how clinical trials are designed and carried out, and answers questions for those considering taking part. It also provides an information leaflet entitled Your health records save lives which explains how personal health data is used for research purposes and the importance for medical research. The leaflet was designed and written with input from patient groups and GPs.

  • HealthTalkOnline - Contains information on clinical trials, including interviews with people talking about their experience of participating in a trial. It also includes accounts from patients who decided not to take part and those who withdrew from a trial.

  • NHS Choices – Contains information on clinical trials and medical research. It has an excellent publication about how you can take part in research, including what questions to ask.

  • Free NIHR course for new and experienced public reviewers - Freely available online resource for people interested in reviewing research documents as a patient, carer, service user or member of the public.

As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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