PRIDE Awards 2023

Welcome to the revised PRIDE Awards for CPFT.

The PRIDE Awards recognise the excellent work undertaken by CPFT Staff that support the values of the organisation.  It is vital that we appreciate the hard work and those that go above and beyond for our patients, service users and each other.

Professionalism - We will maintain the highest standards and develop ourselves and others ... by demonstrating compassion and showing care, honesty and flexibility.

Respect - We will create positive relationships ... by being kind, open and collaborative.

Innovation - We are forward thinking, research focused and effective ... by using evidence to shape the way we work

Dignity - We will treat you as an individual ... by taking the time to hear, listen and understand.

Empowerment - We will support you ... by enabling you to make effective, informed decisions and to build your resilience and independence.

Pride Nomination Panel


Please click on the link below to nominate an employee or a team that has demonstrated the PRIDE values. Postcards and post boxes will also be distributed to patient areas to encourage more patients to nominate. However, below links can be used by anyone.

Employee nomination:   Pride Employee Nomination

Team nomination:   Pride Team Nomination


Nominations panel:

All nominees will be presented to a panel consisting of:

  • Anna Hills, Chief Executive
  • Stephen LegoodDirector of People and Business Development
  • Alexandra Anyanwu / Temi Eniola, ED&I Representatives
  • Rachel King, Recruitment Services and HR Project Lead
  • Harriet Little, Media and Communications Officer

Nominations are open between the first and last day of each month.

Beginning of the next month

  • nominations are presented to the panel on a meeting where all nominations are discussed and the panel agree on who receives an award - based on the information provided on the nomination. 
  • all nominees receive an email to say that they have been nominated, by whom and for which PRIDE value.

Winners receive a certificate, the details of why they were nominated and either a pin badge (employee) or trophy (team).  Winners are listed on this web page below, with details of the reason of the nomination.

If you have any questions or queries, please e-mail  CPFTawards@cpft.nhs.uk.


As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

Patient Advice and Liaison service  Contact the Trust