CPFT publications

CPFT researchers publish the findings from their studies in peer-reviewed journals around the world, to share their results after experts in the same field (peer-reviewers) have checked their work and data collected. Publishing results helps to grow our understanding of physical and mental health conditions, and build the evidence base to improve care and treatment.

These journals and CPFT articles can be found in the international PubMed online library for medical, health and life sciences research.

CPFT staff, patients and carers can also find CPFT research articles in the CPFT Library.
Visit our link to CPFT publications on PubMed and click on the links below to view research from CPFT partners.

Publications from our research partners

Research performance statistics

All NHS providers publish information on their performance in setting up and delivering clinical trials. Every quarter, CPFT publishes reports on clinical trials to show if they are running to time and on target, and they are recruiting the numbers of people needed to take part in each study.

Performance in Initiating and Delivering (PID) clinical research

National targets for research

The Trust is required to submit information to the Department of Health via the NIHR CTP submission platform in two areas:

  • Initiating clinical research - An initial benchmark of 70 days or less for interventional studies  from the time an NHS organisation receives a valid research application to the time when the provider recruits (or consents) the first eligible patient for that study.
  • Delivering clinical research - for all commercial clinical trials hosted by the Trust the agreed number of patients must be recruited within the agreed recruitment period.

For the latest information on CPFT's performance please visit the NIHR Public Trust View.


As a patient

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