Your path in research

CPFT staff are supported to conduct high-quality, groundbreaking research into mental and physical health, and use their ideas to innovate and improve patient care.

Research underpins our services by building the evidence base for care practice and finding the most effective and efficient treatments, for better health outcomes and recovery pathways.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) have a dedicated website with lots of resources for NHS staff and health professionals to find out how to start your path in research.
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How can I be part of research at CPFT?

There are lots of ways to get involved in research at CPFT, from reading our research publications and newsletter, doing a survey or volunteering to take part in a study - as well as referring or helping others take part in research, to training as a researcher and setting up your own study.

All staff at CPFT can help people sign up to take part in studies by giving the green light for research with our Research Database. This innovative system allows external researchers to anonymously search for service users who are eligible for their research studies. When the researcher finds an eligible patient they will email service leads and clinicians to invite them to participate. 

How do I start doing clinical research with the Trust?

Contact CPFT's Research and Development office to discuss your research project or set up a study at CPFT. Academic and clinical leads in your service can also offer advice on the resources available to undertake research in the Trust. Email: r&

The R&D office can help you at all stages of your research study from grant applications and ethics, through to R&D approval to access CPFT as a research site. The team provide researchers with guidance and support to conduct ethical high-quality research in the Trust that protects the safety and wellbeing of participants and staff involved.

CPFT's R&D department manages research studies that fall under the UK Health Department’s Governance Arrangements for Research Ethics Committees (GAFREC). Service evaluations or audits are managed separately by the Trust's Clinical Effectiveness team.

For researchers at the University of Cambridge, NIHR Programme Manager Karen Gipp can provide advice about setting up a study involving CPFT. Email:

Research in the East of England is coordinated through the NIHR Clinical Research Network Eastern which supports a portfolio of studies across different specialties.
CPFT's Windsor Research Unit delivers studies adopted on this NIHR portfolio and offers support and some training for researchers and health professionals working at CPFT.
For further information please contact: 

How do I run an audit or service evaluation?

Audits or service evaluations are designed to find out how well a service is running, rather than changing the way a service is delivered or testing new treatments through research. Contact CPFT's R&D office to discuss whether a research project you are planning could be run as an audit or service evaluation to answer your questions. 

Learn more about research study support and advice services on the NHS Health Research Authority (HRA) website and check the HRA's decision tool to find out if your project is research or audit.

As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

Patient Advice and Liaison service  Contact the Trust