Cambridge Children’s Hospital

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a children’s hospital in the heart of Cambridge that will transform children’s healthcare, improving the lives of children and young people regionally, nationally, and globally.

With a new hospital, we will care for the whole child, treating all of their symptoms – whether visible or not. We will provide integrated physical and mental health care, giving children and families support and treatment depending on their own individual needs.

Addenbrookes Charitable Trust (ACT), the University of Cambridge and Head to Toe are working together to raise £100 million in philanthropy to support this vision.

Together, we will build a community of supporters to help create the spaces that will keep children safe, healthy and well. From philanthropic gifts and donations through to fundraising events, every penny raised will bring us one step closer to reaching our goal.

With your support, we can improve the lives of countless children and young people, now and long into their futures.