Head to Toe Grants for CPFT

Head to Toe Charity is proud to support projects across CPFT.  Applications for funding must be over and above the existing NHS provision and must demonstrate, or ultimately contribute to the benefit of patients. 

Your application must demonstrate impact across one or more of the following: 

  1. Improving access to services 
  2. Supporting equality, diversity and inclusivity 
  3. Mitigating health inequalities  
  4. Implementing innovation in clinical practice 
  5. Improving the well-being of the CPFT community and the region it serves 

Please be aware that Head to Toe cannot fund grants for individual staff or patients, and cannot provide financial assistance/aid. However, please contact the charity team which can signpost you to other organisations that provide this support. 

Applying for Funding

Please use this link https://headtotoecharity.grantplatform.com to apply for a grant via our new online platform. 

We would encourage staff to contact the team on: charity@cpft.nhs.uk to discuss your project and ideas to see if we are able to support your application for funding. We may be able to offer some alternative solutions.

Submit your grant application for review at least one month in advance of your project start date. As we review applications monthly. Our team is happy to answer any questions or guide you through the process – reach out early!