Growing a Sense of Self

Have you ever wished you had more wellness tools to use when things are tough?

Maybe you’d like to know how to use practical techniques to improve a personal habit, hobby or skill?

These courses cover such diverse topics as assertiveness, writing for wellbeing, motivation and many more to help you to become – or maintain! - your best possible version of ‘you’.

Making the Most Of Each Day

What does wellbeing mean to you? How do we apply that to our lives everyday? How good are we at looking after our own wellbeing?

This two-session course explores what being well means to us personally. We will take the time to explore our own individual warning signs of being unwell, and the trigger points that we can find challenging. Being and staying well is not just about whether we are experiencing challenges with our health; there is so much more to our wellness than that!

You’ll also have the opportunity to explore and create your own wellbeing toolkit and mental health first aid kit, which will be filled with self-nourishing aspects that are unique to you!

Please book your place on this course no less than a week in advance to ensure you receive your personal plan paperwork in the post in good time.

2 Sessions

Breathing Space

Do you ever want to stop and just… breathe?

Life can be tough when we are facing our own health challenges; we might experience our minds being filled with worrying thoughts and self-criticism.

Mindfulness can give you the time to pause and see things differently. Becoming mindful allows you the space to really be in the present moment.

This three-session course provides the opportunity to think about how mindfulness can be useful in our day to day lives and gives you the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of mindfulness techniques to find what might be right for you… it’s not all about guided breathing tracks!

3 Sessions

Knowing Our Worth

How much do we value, appreciate, respect or like ourselves? Where do those opinions about ourselves come from? And, more importantly, what can we do about it now that we are older and wiser?

This course explores the experiences that have shaped our lives and our view of our own self-worth. We clarify the difference between facts and opinions and unlock the way that our mind processes these.

Acknowledging and growing our self-worth can take time and be challenging, but there are techniques we can use to build up these feelings step-by-step and gradually chip away at those old, unhelpful core beliefs from our past!

1 Session

Words and Wellbeing

Do you enjoy writing creatively and want to hone your skills?

Thinking about keeping a journal, but don’t know where or how to start?

Maybe you’re an avid reader, or have a passion for writing song lyrics?

We can use the written word in a huge variety of ways as a tool to support our wellbeing. Most of us are probably already accessing words to do just that without even realising it.

In this to be 4 session course, we will not only have the opportunity to try out different creative writing techniques in a range of formats, but will also explore multiple styles of journaling and the benefits reading for pleasure can have on our wellbeing.

If you’ve ever attended our previous course, ‘Creative writing for wellbeing’, we’d recommend giving Words & Wellbeing a try – we don’t think of it as a replacement, it’s an upgrade!

1 Session

As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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