Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

basketWhat better way to brighten up your house than a hanging basket

Call us and have a chat to our experienced staff who will advise you about our bespoke hanging basket service.

We cater for orders of any size from a small basket or trough for your house to large orders for pubs, restaurants and hotels.

Popular summer flowers include trailing begonias, fuchsias, trailing geraniums, petunias plus more, these are complemented by foliage and many other colourful flowers to add texture.You can pre-order or choose from our many off-the-shelf baskets. Pre-orders can be made from January onwards for summer baskets. We recommend ordering early as we begin making baskets in April so the earlier you order the wider the choice of plants.


Have a chat to us about your requirements and place your order in the shop, we just ask a small deposit per basket when you order. We care for the baskets in our greenhouse for you until the end of May when the risk of frost has gone then they will be ready to hang outside and wow your neighbours.

We do offer a refill service which is cheaper so if you have baskets already bring them in to be re-planted, we will check them over and if necessary replace chains. We make winter baskets on a smaller scale with a mix of pansies and violas and other winter hardy plants. These are available from September onwards. 


Basket aftercare

Watering: water every day unless the compost is very wet. Drying out is an increasing risk as the plants grow and days remain warm. Aim to keep the compost moist but not soggy, and avoid wetting the foliage and flowers.

Feeding: The baskets contain slow release fertilizer, however, Once the plants start to flower feed with a liquid tomato food, which is high in Potash, this will encourage the plants to produce more flowers. Feed the basket once or twice a week with a small amount of feed.

Dead heading: Once the plants start to flower, always make sure you dead head them to ensure a succession of flowers. Also make sure you rotate the basket regularly to ensure all sides of the basket receive light. This makes sure the plants in the basket will grow evenly.

As a patient

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