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  • With over 50 courses to choose from you're sure to find something for you. 

RCE Wellbeing Hub (formerly Recovery College East) offers short bitesize courses, online and face to face, on a variety of topics aimed at helping us look after our own wellbeing and those around us. The RCE Wellbeing Hub:

  • Enables people to find hope in their recovery journey – celebrating and growing new and existing skills.
  • Empowers people to be in control of their wellbeing by providing ‘top tips’ which people can use in their every day lives.
  • Supports people to find opportunities to live well within their community.

Timetable and Information Pack

April to July 2024

Timetable Only - Apr to Jul 2024 [pdf] 719KB

Timetable and Information Pack - Apr to Jul 2024 [pdf] 1MB

Winter 2024 (January to March) 

Jan-Mar 2024 Timetable only [pdf] 716KB
Timetable and Information Pack Jan-Mar 2024 [pdf] 1MB

For a list of courses we have on offer click the link below: 
Our courses

Hope, Control, Opportunity

Hope - It can be difficult to maintain the belief that things will get better when we are experiencing challenges with our health. Yet hope is an essential part of recovery, sustaining our motivation to make helpful (if not always easy)   choices, and inspiring us to set meaningful goals for ourselves.

At RCE Wellbeing Hub, you will hear personal stories of recovery and learn from others about what has been helpful in their own journey of recovery. On many of our courses, experts by experience will share parts of their recovery story.


Control - Developing a sense of ownership of health challenges that we face is an important part of recovery. It includes recognising what we can do personally to promote our health and wellbeing and is about taking personal responsibility and making positive choices about our lives.

At RCE Wellbeing Hub, we always encourage our learners to assume responsibility and make helpful choices for themselves, such as choices about what courses they attend, and how much they participate and contribute.

Importantly - our courses focus on what we can do to help ourselves.


Opportunity - We all need opportunities to grow and develop, so that we can learn to navigate the challenges in our lives. When we experience a period of health challenges it can sometimes feel as if the doors to opportunity have been closed.

At RCE Wellbeing Hub, we offer a friendly and accessible space to learn. Opportunities exist to become a volunteer at the Hub, helping us to develop new courses or deliver existing courses as an expert by experience.

We encourage our learners to view the Hub as a stepping-stone on their recovery journey, and where appropriate we will signpost to other relevant community resources.


As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

Patient Advice and Liaison service  Contact the Trust