FOIs from April 2020

FOIs April 2020
FOI Reference number Topic Attachments (if applicable)
F21-001A.pdf [pdf] 158KB   Hospital beds  
  F21-002A.pdf [pdf] 126KB Aciclovir powder for intravenous infusion  
F21-003A.pdf [pdf] 158KB Company spend F21-003A data.xlsx [xlsx] 16KB
F21-004A.pdf [pdf] 134KB Number of working ventilators  
F21-005A.pdf [pdf] 188KB Hospital departments and contact details  
F21-006A.pdf [pdf] 126KB Laboratory statistics  
F21-007A.pdf [pdf] 129KB Provision of augmentative and alternative communication devices by the NHS  
F21-008A.pdf [pdf] 191KB Trust's response to CoVid-19  
F21-009A.pdf [pdf] 229KB Telephone maintenance contract  
F21-012A.pdf [pdf] 158KB Nurses leave for anxiety/stress/depression F21-012A data.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB
F21-013A.pdf [pdf] 195KB IT support  
F21-014A.pdf [pdf] 168KB Overtime pay  
F21-015A.pdf [pdf] 209KB Agency/Bank information  
F21-016A.pdf [pdf] 154KB Spend on ready made orthoses and podiatry products F21-016A data.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB
F21-017A.pdf [pdf] 215KB Doctors in training/Exception reports F21-017A Table CPFT 2019.docx [docx] 22KB
F21-018A.pdf [pdf] 128KB Overseas recruitment of nurses  
F21-019A.pdf [pdf] 127KB Sex breakdown of failed fit tests for masks  


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