April 2023

Responses to FOIs received in April 2023

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F24-001.pdf [pdf] 127KB

Policy on PACS / Sectra


F24-002.pdf [pdf] 127KB

Virtual Ward


FOI F24-003.pdf [pdf] 166KB

Early Access to Medicines Scheme


F24-004.pdf [pdf] 146KB

IT Devices / Cyber Security


F24-005.pdf [pdf] 178KB 

Managed Print Services


F24-007.pdf [pdf] 129KB

Screening and Immunisation Contacts


F24-010.pdf [pdf] 160KB Off Framework Nursing Spend  

FOI F24-011.pdf [pdf] 169KB

Therapy Dogs


F24-037.pdf [pdf] 127KB

Trust Statistics on Spiking


FOI F24-033.pdf [pdf] 127KB

ITSM Platform


FOI F24-034.pdf [pdf] 129KB

Palliative Care Suicide Statistics


F24-035.pdf [pdf] 183KB

ECT Statistics


FOI F24-014.pdf [pdf] 169KB

Consultants Pay during Junior Doctors Strike


FOI F24-016.pdf [pdf] 176KB

Agency Spend


FOI F24-019.pdf [pdf] 130KB



FOI F24-021.pdf [pdf] 127KB

Adult Eating Disorder Services


F24-022.pdf [pdf] 126KB

Meat containing Nitrates / Nitrites


FOI F24-042.pdf [pdf] 128KB

Gene Changes


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