Responses to FOIs received in August 2022

Responses to FOIs received in August 2022
FOI Reference Number Topic Attachments (if applicable)
F23-166A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Interventional radiology  
F23-168A letter.pdf [pdf] 126KB Sterile services  
F23-169A letter.pdf [pdf] 142KB Statistics on restraint  
F23-171A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Maternity statistics; overseas patients  
F23-173A letter.pdf [pdf] 174KB Financial efforts to promote diversity  
F23-175A letter.pdf [pdf] 159KB Contact information  
F23-176A letter.pdf [pdf] 166KB Infant mortality statistics  
F23-177A letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB ECT Expenditure F23-177A services.xlsx [xlsx] 12KB
F23-178A letter.pdf [pdf] 164KB Data Privacy Compliance Tools  
F23-179A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Agency staffing for Radiography  
F23-180A letter.pdf [pdf] 163KB Robotic Process Automation  
F23-181A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Claims related to maternity services  
F23-182A letter.pdf [pdf] 123KB International recruitment F23-182A - International Recruitment.xlsx [xlsx] 10KB
F23-183A letter.pdf [pdf] 157KB Contact details  
F23-184A letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB IT statistics  
F23-186A letter.pdf [pdf] 158KB Offensive and Clinical Waste contracts  
F23-187A letter.pdf [pdf] 225KB Statistics on unexpected deaths.  
F23-188A letter.pdf [pdf] 159KB Clinical waste contract  
F23-189A letter.pdf [pdf] 224KB

Forward planning and Covid response

F23-190A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Insourcing/Outsourcing  
F23-192A letter.pdf [pdf] 133KB CAMHS referral statistics 2018-2022  
F23-193A letter.pdf [pdf] 211KB Forward planning and Covid response  
F23-194A letter.pdf [pdf] 211KB Forward planning and Covid response  


As a patient

As a patient, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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