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FOI F24-711.pdf [pdf] 137KB CAFM Solution   26/03/2024
FOI F24-317.pdf [pdf] 140KB Estates, Procurement and Finance Org Charts

Estates Org Chart.docx [docx] 79KB

Finance Structure Oct 2023 Positions Only.pptx [pptx] 144KB

FOI F24-276.pdf [pdf] 177KB  CCTV Maintenance and Support   25/08/2023
FOI F24-273.pdf [pdf] 128KB  Beds at Fulbourne Hospital   22/08/2023
FOI F24-261.pdf [pdf] 131KB  Mental Health Beds   18/08/2023
FOI F24-248.pdf [pdf] 131KB  Mental Health Crisis Centres   16/08/2023
FOI F24-184.pdf [pdf] 144KB Maintenance Management Contracts   10/07/2023
FOI F24-134.pdf [pdf] 175KB  Care Hotels Q1 and Q2 response.xlsx [xlsx] 12KB 14/06/2023

F24-069.pdf [pdf] 157KB

Soft buns, Flatbread and Sweet Bakery



F24-022.pdf [pdf] 126KB

Meat containing Nitrites / Nitrates



FOI F24-013.pdf [pdf] 134KB Patient Entertainment System   26/04/2023
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