FOIs from January 2021

January 2021 FOIs
FOI reference number Topic Attachments (if applicable)
F21-284A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Effect of CoVid on treatment for other illnesses  
F21-285A letter.pdf [pdf] 129KB CoVid and occupancy; CoVid deaths FOI F21-285A v2.xlsx [xlsx] 13KB
F21-286A letter.pdf [pdf] 108KB CoVid deaths and mortality stats  
F21-287A letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB 999 and 101 calls on NYE  
F21-290A letter.pdf [pdf] 126KB Expenses for restaurants  
F21-291A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Learning management systems  
F21-292A letter.pdf [pdf] 178KB Clinical guideline for diabetes mellitus in pregnancy  
F21-294A letter.pdf [pdf] 108KB Statistics on NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Talking Therapies referrals  
F21-295A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Whistleblowing stats during CoVid F21-295A data.xlsx [xlsx] 13KB
F21-296A letter.pdf [pdf] 184KB Agency rates for nurses  
F21-297A letter.pdf [pdf] 270KB Agency rates for doctors  
F21-303A letter.pdf [pdf] 131KB bone densitometry stats  
F21-304A letter.pdf [pdf] 132KB Abortion statistics  
F21-305A letter.pdf [pdf] 169KB Sexual Orientation Information standard  
F21-306A letter.pdf [pdf] 182KB Agency Nursing Spend  
F21-308A letter.pdf [pdf] 125KB UV disinfection technology  
F21-309A letter.pdf [pdf] 140KB Cashflow and electronic invoicing  
F21-311A letter.pdf [pdf] 147KB Maintenance of endoscopy equipment  
F21-312A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Sub contracted FM services  
F21-313A letter.pdf [pdf] 190KB Video consultation  
F21-314A letter.pdf [pdf] 157KB Rota supplier information  
F21-316A letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB Payroll Software F21-316A Payroll Software FOI Questions v1.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
F21-320A letter.pdf [pdf] 110KB Fax machines/Operating systems  
F21-322A - letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB CoVid and capacity  
F21-324A letter.pdf [pdf] 138KB Use of BMA funding for Fagitue and Facilities Charter  
F21-326A letter.pdf [pdf] 192KB Payment provision F21-326A data CPFT.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB
F21-327A letter.pdf [pdf] 109KB Pagers/bleeps  
F21-329A letter.pdf [pdf] 129KB Online clinic/Video consultation  
F21-332A letter.pdf [pdf] 128KB CoVid deaths and mortality stats  
F21-334A letter.pdf [pdf] 230KB CAMHS referral stats  


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