Responses to FOIs received in July 2022

FOIs from July 2022
FOI Reference number Topic Attachments (if applicable)
F23-118A letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB Number of fax machines in the Trust  
F23-120A letter.pdf [pdf] 134KB Beds at full capacity  
F23-121A letter.pdf [pdf] 166KB Maternal injuries during childbirth  
F23-125A letter.pdf [pdf] 126KB Purchase of cable ties  
F23-126A letter.pdf [pdf] 129KB Treatments for Rheumatoid arthritis, Axial Spondyloarthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa  
F23-128A letter.pdf [pdf] 208KB LIMS/Oncology/Imaging  
F23-129A letter.pdf [pdf] 127KB Statistics on cancelled elective procedures  
F23-130A letter.pdf [pdf] 152KB Agency spend on non-clinical/interim roles  
F23-133A letter.pdf [pdf] 158KB Committee meeting minutes F23-133A Minutes MGG 06 12 2021 REDACTED.docx [docx] 88KB
F23-134A letter.pdf [pdf] 208KB Purchase of disinfectant and/or detergent wipes  
F23-135A letter.pdf [pdf] 131KB Zero hours contracts  
F23-136A letter.pdf [pdf] 165KB Resident Medical Officers (RMO)  
F23-137A letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB Number of deaths wtihin MH inpatient facilities 2019-2021.  
F23-138A letter.pdf [pdf] 130KB Mental health trust vacancies  
F23-140A letter.pdf [pdf] 159KB Off framework agency usage  
F23-141A letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB Apprenticeship levy  
F23-142A letter.pdf [pdf] 146KB Treatment information on 14 disorders  
F23-143A letter.pdf [pdf] 215KB Waiting times for ADHD  
F23-144A letter.pdf [pdf] 125KB Sniffer dog visits to mental health wards  
F23-145A letter.pdf [pdf] 129KB Integrated Care Board  
F23-146A letter.pdf [pdf] 156KB NHS Staff Parking  
F23-148A letter.pdf [pdf] 161KB Premise Assurance Model Solution  
F23-149A letter.pdf [pdf] 125KB Spend on recruitment consultants  
F23-150A letter.pdf [pdf] 123KB Statitics for Female only wards F23-150A data.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB
F23-151A letter.pdf [pdf] 164KB Diabetes Systems  
F23-152A letter.pdf [pdf] 134KB Out patient cancellations due to lost case notes  
F23-153A letter.pdf [pdf] 173KB Discharge medicine service  
F23-154A letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB Inpatient mental health statistics  
F23-155A letter.pdf [pdf] 123KB Complaint action plan

F23-155A SaLT Team meeting minutes 5th July 2022 REDACTED.pdf [pdf] 142KB

F23-155A SALTOT complaint (002) DRAFT SOP.docx [docx] 22KB

F23-155A TEMPLATE - Allocation of Complaint (Local Investigations).pdf [pdf] 797KB

F23-155A Complaints Investigating Managers Guidance.pdf [pdf] 163KB

F23-155A 20220705 CPFT Action Plan.pdf [pdf] 93KB

F23-156A letter.pdf [pdf] 174KB Staff spend 2021/2022 F23-156A 2021-2022 Staff Spend FOI.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB
F23-157A letter.pdf [pdf] 157KB Contact details    
F23-158A letter.pdf [pdf] 128KB Stillbirth data  
F23-160A letter.pdf [pdf] 170KB Physiotherapy waiting lists  
F23-161A letter.pdf [pdf] 201KB Temporary staff management  
F23-162A letter.pdf [pdf] 157KB Off framework usage in 2021-2022  
F23-163A letter.pdf [pdf] 124KB Estates and Facilities org chart F23-163A Estates 2021.pdf [pdf] 48KB
F23-164A letter.pdf [pdf] 128KB Body Dysmorphic Disorder statistics  


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